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Details on New Horror/Survival Film ‘Alluvial’, Storyboards!

On a good day the Panamint Valley can be Hell on Earth. Today is not a good day.” That’s the tagline for producer-director Geza Decsy’s forthcoming Alluvial, a horror/survival film which chronicles the downward spiral of seven friends who, while camping in the god-forsaken badlands of Panamint Valley, contract a mysterious illness; one which causes them to turn on one another in a mesmerizing display of skewed emotions and primal rage. Starring Ken Lally (Heroes, Enterprise) and R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3), Alluvial is positioned to be an action filled, horrific journey into the darker aspects of the human psyche. Read on to see what Decsy had to say to B-D, and get your first look at some early storyboards.

The challenge before us is to make a consistently mature and entertaining horror film that doesn’t shy away from blood, sex and violence,” Geza Decsy, director/producer on Alluvial tells B-D. “As a director, I want both my actors and my imagination to be allowed to revel in the darkest recesses of the human psyche, all the while elevating those raw streams of blood, the moments of true pain and suffering and, of course, the lovely flashes of naked flesh to a more refined cinematic level.

Decsy will produce with filmmaker Paul Hough (The Human Race, The Angel). Production will begin shooting in October. Roy Knyrim’s SOTA FX (The Abyss, Ed Wood, Of Gods and Monsters) is attached to provide special makeup and physical effects.

Auditions are currently underway in Los Angeles. The script was co-written by Jack Ulrich and
genre film journalist Sean Decker. Both writers will also co-produce.

Jack and I intended it to be a study in both horrific human behavior and philosophies on inner peace,” says co-writer and producer Sean Decker of Alluvial. “The fear of betrayal is sadly a tie which binds us as a species. It crosses cultures. To put it simply: how well do you know your friends?

My intent with Alluvial is to pay particular attention to the darker dramatic influences from classic European horror, while never forgetting the modern American cinema’s penchant for polished action and scintillating imagery,” says producer-director Decsy. “Sean and Jack came up with a truly disturbing premise which allows us to give the genre fans what they love the most, yet also serve up a brutally honest dose of human psychodrama they might not expect.

Multi-platinum artist and music producer Fred Coury will score the film and his company Double Forte Music will handle music supervision. Terri King serves as costume designer.

About Fire Sign Films: Geza’s prior feature-length producer credits are the critically acclaimed, award-winning documentary The Backyard and the sci-fi noir pulp thriller Disturbance. Along with producing “Alluvial”, he is currently in post-production as Co-Producer on the sci-fi horror film The Human Race with director Paul Hough and in late-stage development on the supernatural thriller Barren Earth. Production executive Armond Sardayani will act as Co-Producer on “Alluvial”.

SOTA FX is owned by Roy Knyrim. Specializing in makeup effects, specialty costume and practical effects, SOTA FX has worked on over 75 feature films, television shows, commercials and music videos spanning over twenty years. For a select list of credits and an online demo reel, log on to



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