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UPDATE: A Special Public Service Announcement About Cell Phones

I know I am supposed to use this platform to talk about horror, so here you go, the horrors of seeing a movie in a theater. I’ve had it, I’m fed up and I’m raging war. I urge you all to spread the word, who knows, maybe the collective voice of us horror fans will turn into the collective voice of CHUD fans or AICN fans, before erupting into the public eye of CNN, FOX and beyond. Cell phone use in movies, it’s out of control. I paid $13-f*cking-50 tonight to see a movie in a theater that swears by their “no cell phone use” policy (the Arclight in Sherman Oaks, CA). Through the entire feature people were checking their texts and answering calls. One douche next to me had it on the ENTIRE movie, but made sure to cup it with his knee. This isn’t fair and it’s bullcrap. We all work really hard to go out and enjoy a night at the movies just to have it ruined everything-single-mother-effin-time; it’s ridiculous. If you’re one of these people, I beg you to cut it out, tell your friends to cut it out and spread the word. Don’t tolerate it anymore. Complain before, during and after the movie. Demand refunds. If enough people start ragin’ war, they’ll start to listen. I want to live in a world where there’s zero tolerance for cell phone use in theaters and people are escorted out for doing so. For real, what’s so important that you need to be texting through the entire movie? Your girl is next to you (hopefully) and your buddies are still gonna have plenty of booze after the movie ends. Now I’m going to bed pissed off and angry, thanks. Talk about it below.“So Bob says to me, ‘Nancy, you’ve got to get an iPhone!'”

UPDATE: Arclight’s response below:

Dear Brad:

Thank you for contacting ArcLight Cinemas.

I apologize for your experience at ArcLight Sherman Oaks. May I inquire as to the date, show time, and film your experience was in, so that I may further follow up with the managers at ArcLight Sherman Oaks?

I read the article, and I understand your frustration, as obviously many others do by the large number of responses to your article. As an employee of ArcLight I am obviously uncomfortable with the name of our theater publicized in a bad light, and we wish to correct the situation as much as possible. I hope we come to a point at which it is not necessary to baby-sit our guests and check on cell phone usage—we check our theaters to maintain our picture and sound presentation, usually which takes place out of sight of the guests, in the hallway. Certain films seem to bring out the cell phone-using guests, however.

Again, I do apologize for the situation, and I encourage you to visit guest services after a show like that, or find an employee during the show to correct the situation—not just in our theaters, but in any theater or performance.

Please feel free to contact me again if I can be of any further assistance. We value and appreciate both you and your business.



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