[Fan Expo Canada] 'Morbius The Living Vampire' From Marvel! - Bloody Disgusting!

[Fan Expo Canada] ‘Morbius The Living Vampire’ From Marvel!

Spidey writer, Dan Slott, manned Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man Panel at Fan Expo earlier today. Most of the panel was focused on Slott’s current work leading up to issue #700, and expectations for Marvel NOW! There was word of something to do with a costume change for Spidey that will follow from issue #700, and a special new book that you horror-heads may enjoy.

The most interesting announcement from the panel was the reveal that a brand new new Morbius series will begin this winter titled, “Morbius: The Living Vampire”. The book will be written by Joe Keatinge with art from Rich Elson and it will deal with the unfolding events leading up to the milestone issue.