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Lionsgate Opens Ghost House’s ‘Dibbuk Box’

It has been years, and I literally mean years (I want to say 8?) since I first read the online story about the haunted dibbuk box . Apparently, a dibbuk box was making its way around from household to household via eBay and a website was documenting the events that unfolded. Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures optioned the story nearly three years ago and has heard every pitch known to man. The dust is finally settled and Lionsgate has scored North American rights to Dibbuk Box, which was penned by Juliet Snowden & Stiles White (Knowing, Poltergeist, The Birds, Boogeyman), reports Deadline. Their take? A family finds itself in possession of a haunted box, and struggles to get rid of its evil curse. The jumping off point is a true story culled from the Leslie Gornstein-bylined Los Angeles Times article “A Jinx In A Box” (July 2004).



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