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Tom Cruise Heading to Del Toro’s ‘At the Mountains of Madness’?

We don’t usually report on “dream casting”, but you have to think Guillermo del Toro has enough weight to throw around to get whatever the heck he wants. Collider is reporting that Del Toro’s first choice casting for his At the Mountains of Madness adaptation is none other than Tom Cruise. They also report that Chris Pine’s name has been thrown around to also star in the 3-D pic being produced by James Cameron. Universal Pictures is producing this monster H.P. Lovecraft adaptation that tells the story of geologist William Dyer, a professor from Miskatonic University. He writes to disclose hitherto unknown and closely kept secrets in the hope that he can deter a planned and much publicized scientific expedition to Antarctica. On a previous expedition there, a party of scholars from Miskatonic University, led by Dyer, discovered fantastic and horrific ruins and a dangerous secret beyond a range of mountains taller than the Himalayas. Tom Cruise is no stranger to horror as he’s starred in Interview with the Vampire and War of the Worlds. Chris Pine starred in Carriers.Tom Cruise



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