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Los Angeles: See Terrance Zdunich’s ‘The Tutor’ LIVE!

If you haven’t been following Terrance Zdunich’s art instructional series “The Tutor” (check below for an episode!), you’ve been depriving yourself of some inspired and truly unique madness. Best known as the Graverobber from Repo!, Zdunich’s newest creation has attracted several “students”, and if you’re in the Los Angeles area, you can come check out some of their work this Saturday, October 23rd, at the Paul Gleason Theatre in Hollywood. In addition to an unveiling of the students’ pieces, The Tutor will also crown a valedictorian and perform a lesson live! Some exclusive merch will also be available, so you don’t want to miss this event! Tickets are ten bucks, buy online HERE! You can also order the newest issue of his creepy cool comic series “The Molting”, which is shaping up to be pretty awesome. See you at the show!



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