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LOLOL: Massachusetts Theater Accidentally Shows ‘Saw 3D’ Instead of ‘Megamind’

I love a good “uh oh”, especially one that’s sure to traumatize the youth. OK, I don’t really want to see anyone sitting in therapy at the age of 45 because they accidentally saw a horror flick instead of a animated kids movie. But it’s still funny. It happened back when The Hills Have Eyes 2 hit theaters, and now history has repeated itself when a theater in Revere, Mass. accidentally showed Saw 3D instead of Megamind. If anything, maybe a few of those kids will turn into demented fiends like all of you? I say that’s a good thing. Read the story inside.From WHDH:

Parents and kids headed to the new animated movie “Megamind” left a movie theatre in Revere, Mass. shocked.

What they thought was going to be a G-rated movie ended up being a gory horror flick.

Children were at Showcase Cinemas to see a Dreamworks cartoon in 3D, but instead they saw the horror movie “Saw 3-D.” Parents said when the previews came on they started to worry because the previews were a little advanced for children.

They never expected the gore and violent horror film “Saw.”

The children were told to cover their eyes in the scenes of murder and mutilation played for several minutes before the movie theater corrected the problem.

Theatre operators realized the mistake and the correct movie, “Megamind,” was put on, but parents said the damage was already done and their children are still shaken by it.

“He came and slept with us and we thought we had gotten past that years ago. He said that he had a few nightmares,” said Dolph Rau, an upset father. “Again, all that I would like to see come out of this is that its not going to happen again.”

The children were given one free ticket as a result of the mix up, but the Rau family’s 7-year-old son told them that he does not want to see a movie again for a very long time.



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