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First Look at New Short Creature Feature ‘Infected’

ArieScope’s Jason Richard Miller, who is known for his work on both of Adam Green’s Hatchet films, Frozen, and the forthcoming Chillerama, just sent us a pretty rad poster and first stills from his forthcoming short film, Infected.

Shelly can’t escape the monster pursuing her, but when she fights back the real horror begins.

It stars Hatchet II‘s Alexis Peters and Bloody Disgusting’s Brian Collins (BC) as the Monster. With cameos from AJ Bown (A Horrible Way to Die, Hatchet II, The Signal, House of the Devil), Adam Green, and David Foy.

Will Barratt is the DP, Andy Garfield did sound and score and Robert Pendergraft & Aunt Dolly’s Garage did the Creature & Make-Up FX.



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