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‘Blade Runner’ Designer Signed on for ‘Elysium’, Sony Wins

Update: Sony Pictures Entertainment has won the right to distribute. It’s nice to be wanted in Hollywood. District 9 director Neill Blomkamp has spent his day pitching Elysium to all of the studios, sans Disney, reports Deadline who also scored some plot details. They’re told this the movie has the social allegory present in the Sony Pictures Entertainment-directed District 9, but it’s an unabashedly big movie, set 100 years in the future, with all of the obligatory gadgets and technological advances. Media Rights is finning the futuristic science fiction flick that will star Matt Damon, Jodie Foster and Sharlto Copley. Even cooler, Blomkamp will have his sets designed by Syd Mead, famous for his work on films like Blade Runner! Mead’s very hard to hire, but he responded because he so liked District 9. The film will prep in April, and start production in July in Vancouver before moving to Mexico City in the fall.



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