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TV: ‘House of Wax/Orphan’ Director Takes ‘Paranormal’ Trip Down ‘River’

The Paranormal Activity team are taking their talents to television and have entrusted House of Wax/Orphan director Jaume Collet-Serra to deliver the goods.

Collet-Serra, director of the upcoming thriller Unknown starring Liam Neeson, will make his TV directing debut with the ABC pilot “The River,” a horror drama from Paranormal Activity writer-director Oren Peli.

Described as being in the mold of Paranormal Activity, “The River” centers on a family who travels to the deep Amazon to locate and rescue their missing father. Peli co-wrote the first draft with Paranormal Activity 2 scribe Michael Perry. “Heroes” veteran and “Kings” creator Michael Green then did a p.1 rewrite, which was greenlighted to pilot.



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