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RUMOR CONTROL: Sasha Grey, Girl Kissing and Horror in ‘Hallow’

We contacted Sasha’s reps who told us this story is pure BS.

Any excuse to post an image of Sasha Grey fares well in my book.

Radar Online reports that Jon Gosselin’s (barf) ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman will be starring in a horror flick with famed porn star Sasha Grey (Smash Cut).

The horror film is tentatively named Hallow, and it’s a movie done by the same writers as 2002’s Cabin Fever (I thought Eli Roth wrote Cabin Fever?)

There’s a possible lesbian scene in the works but she’s still in the middle of negotiations about doing it.

A smart filmmaker would shoot that scene first just in case the actresses change their mind mid-filming.

Sasha Grey



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