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First Person Horror #2,232: ‘The Feed’

From Steve Gibson comes a new first person horror film, The Feed, which stars Chip Facka, Seth Drick, Brianna Healey, Sam Nelsen, Jody Horn, Robert Frangione, and Scott Stieler.

The wildly popular TV reality series, Ghost Chasers, is hitting its 4th year on the air. To commemorate this milestone, the members of the Ghost Chasers team have decided to broadcast their anniversary show out to the world live.

Having secured what appears to be the ultimate venue in the form of the historic Brenway Movie Theater, the Ghost Chasers, a team of reality TV paranormal investigators, are confident that their annual live broadcast will be one of their best shows to date. However, when the sleepy Central Pennsylvania movie house turns out to be a bit more active than they had anticipated, the prospect of record-breaking ratings quickly takes a back seat to the basest of all human instincts: Survival.

Inside you’ll find the official teaser, with more info and stills at the film’s Facebook.



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