RIP B-Movie, 'Attack Of The 50-Foot Woman' Actress Yvette Vickers - Bloody Disgusting
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RIP B-Movie, ‘Attack Of The 50-Foot Woman’ Actress Yvette Vickers



Sad news hit the web tonight, as police are reporting they found the body of actress Yvette Vickers in her L.A.’s Benedict Canyon home last week. The B-movie actress, known for her roles in Attack Of The 50-Foot Woman and Attack Of The Giant Leeches (both of which I saw more times than I can remember during my childhood), was discovered in a mummified state (the body suggests she has been dead for nearly a year. Yikes!) by a neighbor “after noticing old letters and spiderwebs in her mailbox.” Although the cause of her death is unknown, police don’t suspect foul play. She was 82.

Check past the break for trailers of the aforementioned flicks.


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