Teaser Trailer Debut for 'Exorcist', 'REC' Inspired Indie 'Stormhouse' - Bloody Disgusting
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Teaser Trailer Debut for ‘Exorcist’, ‘REC’ Inspired Indie ‘Stormhouse’



From Dan Turner comes AV Pictures’ Stormhouse, which stars Katie Flynn, daughter of Jane Seymour, along with Grahame Fox, Patrick Flynn and Grant Masters.

This morning we scored an exclusive look at the first ever teaser trailer! It will have its world premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival next month.

Six months before the invasion of Iraq, the British military caught and imprisoned a supernatural entity at a secret base in the English countryside. This film documents the days that followed, culminating in a battle that transcends their worst nightmares.

Riding the wave of high-concept horror films such as ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘REC,’ ‘Stormhouse’ is further proof that in this genre a high-profile cast isn’t required to achieve phenomenal box office success.


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