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A Bloody Two Minutes of Romero’s ‘Deadtime Stories’!

Millennium Entertainment recently announced the DVD and digital release of George A. Romero Presents Deadtime Stories Volume 1. The first volume of this two-volume set from horror master Romero consists of an anthology of three 30-minute spine-tingling horror films from writer Jeff Monahan (Lone Star), who also directs alongside Michael Fischa and Matt Walsh. The film is available on DVD at an SRP of $24.99, as well as digitally for $14.99 (Standard Definition download) and $19.99 (High Definition download) on July 12.

While we’ve already presented you with a bunch of images, the trailer and art, Millennium has provided Bloody with an exclusive clip entitled “A Killing” that features impalement and a chop to the noggin — there’s plenty of gore! Enjoy it beyond the break.

Romero, the renowned horror writer and creator of Night of the Living Dead, has partnered with writer-actor Monahan to create an anthology of three 30-minute horror films:

· Valley of the Shadow: A woman searches for her missing husband in jungles of South America…and soon, the hunters become the hunted.

· WeT: A lonely potter finds a valuable jade box buried on the beach. And what’s inside… wants to keep him company.

· House Call: A woman calls an elderly doctor out on a house call on her strangely-ailing son. What he finds when he gets there isn’t listed in any medical books.



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