News Bites: 'Rosemary's Baby' Homage, Green on 'Hatchet III' & English-subbed 'Sector 7' Trailer - Bloody Disgusting
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News Bites: ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ Homage, Green on ‘Hatchet III’ & English-subbed ‘Sector 7’ Trailer



Wake Wood Writer Brendan McCarthy revealed to IFTN that up next for both David Keating and himself is The Cherry Tree: “At the moment we are developing a project called ‘The Cherry Tree,’ where a single Dad discovers his teenage daughter is having Satan’s baby, so that is lots of the same, familiar stuff. I want to bring Satan back because I think he deserves to get back into the movies!” Much that Wake Wood was very much inspired by Pet Sematary, it sounds like Cherry will be giving homage to Rosemary’s Baby.

Described as an homage to James Cameron’s Aliens, we’ve now received a English-subbed version of second trailer for CJ Entertainment’s (The Host, Thirst, and many, many more) Korean creature feature Sector 7 (Mining Area 7), which scores the first look at the film’s monster! Directed and produced by Kim Ji-hoon, the pic will be 3-D and is about a mutated creature runs amok in an oil prospecting ship. Ha Ji-won, who also starred in Youn’s disaster film Haeundae, will rejoin. Director Youn said that Mining Area 7 will be a Korean equivalent of the Alien films and the 3D visual will mainly be realized by converting, but considerable amount of footage will be shot in 3D from the beginning.

Lastly, Hatchet and Frozen director posted a lengthy blog that not only updated the status of Hatchet III, but also revealed that he’s working on a “monster art” doc by the name of Digging Up the Marrow. “I suppose that now is as good a time as any to also drop the news that my good friend (and my favorite artist of all time) Alex Pardee and I are working together on a documentary about “monster art” that we’ve already begun production on. We’ve been referring to the project as DIGGING UP THE MARROW- but don’t expect too many other details on it for awhile. It’s a documentary so production is going to be spread out over a long time- but if you love genre based art and have often wondered what kind of reality an artist’s fantastical creature design comes from, I think you’ll find this project fascinating.

As for Hatchet III, you’ll find a long-winded response inside.

From Green’s blog re: Hatchet III:

And what of Victor Crowley’s return? HATCHET III will likely start production early next year- at least that is the first potential time period where it seems all of the players involved could actually be available do it. ArieScope and Dark Sky recently had our first serious “let’s buckle down and get started ironing this out” call since the third installment was green-lit a few months ago and we’re all thrilled to be making the next chapter in the franchise.

The reactions to HATCHET II have been astounding and we’re all so blown away by how well the film did- even with the travesty of the movie being so unceremoniously assassinated by the powers that be during it’s theatrical run. Point is, the second film was such a big success critically and financially and the Hatchet Army was so happy with it that we have a lot of pressure to deliver on Part 3 and we want to raise the bar yet again. So this isn’t something we can rush into doing. Also, even if I indeed choose not to be in the director’s chair this time- you can bet I’ll still be standing over it doing everything I can to help keep the ship on course. ”What’s the plot? Who’s in it? If you’re not directing it- who is?” Too soon to reveal that stuff even if I already have some of the answers. Point is, the soonest it’s going to start shooting would be early 2012- which is actually not that far away now. Right now the major players in the HATCHET universe are all occupied with other projects, especially myself. There is a collective heart and tight knit family behind HATCHET and we’re not going to create the next chapter until we’re all available and ready to play. Thankfully, our partner and distributor Dark Sky Films totally gets that and feels the same way about doing it right as opposed to just doing it fast. For those that think it’s taking too long to get started, keep in mind that I waited 5 years between the actual making of HATCHET and the making of HATCHET II. I need to be ready and I need time to focus on my other stories and projects. Thankfully so many of my fans understand and appreciate that between every HATCHET film I also need something like a SPIRAL, a GRACE, and a FROZEN to feel creatively complete.

Green took part in the anthology Chillerama due later this year and is currently penning Killer Pizza for producer Chris Columbus.



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