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TV: A ‘Walking Dead’ Talk Show?

A Walking Dead talk show. Wut. Maybe I have this all wrong but it seems like a horrible idea for AMC to cheapen its programming with a “Watch What Happens:Live” style recap after each episode. Apparently they’re considering such a thing. To be honest, I’m not the biggest fan of ‘The Walking Dead” these days, but it still sounds awkward. It sounds like the plan might extend to other shows like “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad”, but the pilot they’ve shot is “Dead” centric.

It all kind of falls in line with AMC’s current plan of burning its best shows to the ground. I know they’re concerned about money and a talk show format recap is a cheap way of retaining the viewers of these series for a few minutes after the actual show has ended.

According to Vulture, “Our spies say Nerdist blogger and former MTV personality Chris Hardwick, most recently seen hosting BBC America’s Doctor Who specials, served as the host of the pilot and that the discussion focused on Walking Dead. This would indicate that AMC is considering a launch of the as-yet untitled project in conjunction with this October’s return of Dead, though we haven’t been able to confirm that (and it’s likely that it would be designed to air after other AMC shows, not just Dead). What’s more, because this was just a pilot, it’s possible there could be format tweaks or that Hardwick might not be a part of the project should it go to series. If AMC decides to move forward with the show in time for Dead, it would likely do so within the next few weeks.”



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