[OMFG] IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH! - Bloody Disgusting
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It’s Friday the 13th. It’s our own personal holiday that typically comes more than once a year. It’s an excuse to spend the entire day watching horror movies. It’s also a date that most of us genre fiends prefer to revisit New Line Cinema’s classic Friday the 13th franchise.

With the hours already ticking down until Saturday the 14th, time is of the essence (unless of course you play the time zone game). It’s time to drop everything you’re doing and worship the day that has delivered more than a handful of sweet offerings over the past 30 years.

First and foremost, after the break we’ve uploaded the popular YouTube video featuring (nearly) every kill in the Friday the 13th franchise (it hasn’t been updated). In addition, we’d also like to point you to our 2009 series of articles entitled 13 Days of Friday the 13th, which was used to amp up the release of the WB remake. Weeding through the 800+ stories you’ll find a recap of all of the films as well as some gems including “Camp Whisker Lake: Facial Hair and the Friday the 13th Franchise,” “The Nerds of Friday the 13th,” and of course, “The Masks of Jason Voorhees!”


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