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Lone Wolf Mode In ‘Resident Evil 6’ Sounds A Bit Silly

Are you one of the Resident Evil purists who hasn’t been a fan of the inclusion of co-op into the series since RE5? Well, Capcom has heard your cries for help, and their tossing you a bone. A chewed up, slimy, disgusting little bone. The Lone Wolf ability in Resident Evil 6 is one of many unlockable (and optional) modes that will alter the way you play the game. This one in particular turns your AI partner into a completely worthless companion. With Lone Wolf enabled, they won’t shoot at enemies or heal you when you need them to. In fact, it looks like the only thing they will do is help you open doors. It’s good to know chivalry isn’t dead.

This isn’t removing the co-op aspect in its entirety, but it will force you to handle the hordes alone (sort of). You’ll be able to unlock it with the skill points you collect over the course of Resident Evil 6, which releases on October 2nd for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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