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Horror Games To Watch On Steam Greenlight, Part 3

Not too long ago Valve launched Steam Greenlight, a new program that gives developers another way to get their games out there by letting them upload their work and have the community vote on them. This system is exciting for indie developers because of the extra exposure and early feedback they receive usually very early on in development, and if the community gives enough support the game will get distributed on Steam. Unsurprisingly, Greenlight has been popular so far. At the time of this writing, there are 800 games being voted on by the Steam community. This is why I’ve decided to scour the submissions in search of the best horror games submitted so far.

Forget Me Not Annie

Forget Me Not Annie is one of the stranger horror games I’ve run across on Greenlight. It’s a puzzle game that started off as a student project before transforming into what you see above. In it, you play as a young girl named Annie, who looks to be a little insane. It’s a little reminiscent of American McGee’s Alice, only creepier and with big teddy bear looking things.

You can vote for this game here.


This is one of the better looking horror games on Greenlight, and it looks to be pretty far along. In Montas, you control an alcoholic accountant named Joseph Walker, who’s being continuously haunted by nightmares and hallucinations. There will be secret areas, optional goals that sounds like side quests, and when you die, the direction of the story is altered. I love it when games do that.

You wake up at the desk of Joseph Walker, an accountant working for a firm in the city of Montas.

You can vote for this game here.

A Short Tale of Solitude

Do you like weird stuff? Of course you do, you weird little minx, you. A Short Tale of Solitude is weird in that it’s a black and white adventure game backed by haunting music, with the creep factor of Silent Hill. Its setting is unique as well, I can’t think of too many games that take place in France during WWI. This is definitely one to watch.

You can vote for this game here.

Afterfall: Insanity

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t actually look or feel like an indie game, Afterfall: Insanity won’t disappoint. It released last November to lukewarm reviews, but now it’s back in the form of an extended edition that promises an improved combat system, enhanced visuals, new weapons, and assorted other tweaks.

You can vote for this game here.

Dark Ocean

What’s that? You want more zombies? All right. Dark Ocean looks a little reminiscent of Cold Fear or Resident Evil: Gaiden, as it brings the horrors to the deep blue sea. It looks like it could be a PS2 game, but it’s going to be free and it looks like good fun.

You can vote for this game here.

If these games aren’t enough to satiate your endless appetite for all things scary, check out our picks in Part 1 and Part 2.

Obviously, I’m going to miss some games. If you’ve found a title you think should be mentioned, feel free to email me other exciting horror games you find on Greenlight, or tweet them at me.



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