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[Random Cool] The Many Forms Of The Heavy Metal Fingers

One of the things that metalheads know and love as part of our culture is the “Satan Fingers”, also known as the “Devil Horns”. It’s something I’ve done more times than I can count. Hell, I’ve done it more times in one month than I could easily count. It’s such a fluid motion for me to extend my index finger and pinky while curling in my middle and ring fingers, grasping them with my thumb and then raising my shaped hand into the sky, proudly proclaiming my love for metal. Sometimes I do this while in the produce section of the grocery store and people stare at me as though I were some sort of weirdo (it’s true). Know what I do? I point my hand right at them and never break eye contact. Works like a charm every time.

But what can really irritate me is when someone does it wrong. Extend the thumb out and you look ridiculous in my eyes. Be a megapop star and flash them? I hate you. Stay outta my neighborhood.

But what about those people who are getting into metal who are just unsure of what to do? Perhaps this guide below, done by Jon “Bean” Hastings, will aid you in feeling safe and secure around your fellow metalheads! Check it out below!

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