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[WTF?] “Worf” Cast As A Werewolf In Long-Delayed ‘Castlevania’ Adaptation?!

Michael Dorn – the actor best known for his portrayal of the Klingon Worf in the “Star Trek” series – revealed on the Nerdist Podcast that he is playing a role in an upcoming Castlevania movie.

As transcribed by and reported by The Verge, Dorn revealed (at 31:20) that he is working on a movie based on the popular video game.

People have been trying to get this thing done for a long time and they finally got the producers together that want to do it,” he said.

They finally got the OK from the owners, and so they’re doing that. It’s a fun little part. It’s four days, and I’m playing a werewolf that’s been around for a gajillion years who works for this vampire. It’s not too far fro Worf because there’s a lot of killing and jumping and sword fights and everything. So that’s what I’m doing now.

Crystal Sky Pictures had Saw and Insidious director James Wan once attached, as was Resident Evil: Retribution‘s Paul W. S. Anderson, who bailed in 2007 over creative differences. The project centers on the battle between Dracula and the Belmont clan of vampire hunters in a labyrinthine fortress in the Carpathian mountains.




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