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Shred Your Guitar Into The Deep, Black Night With Amphones



This is a really cool product coming out for people like myself: a guitarist who is a night owl. The problem with playing guitar at night is that when you want to rock out, you can’t! Your neighbors complain, the cops get called, the next thing you know you’ve got a few bodies in the basement and the lies just keep piling up, making the story harder and harder to keep straight. Sorry, that escalated quickly.

Anyways! To help out those guitarists who love to shred into the wee hours of the night (or have roommates/parents/significant others that can’t stand the constant noodling) then VOX and Audio Technica might just have a solution for you: Amphones! Aside from the horrible name, this is a really cool product that combines headphones with amplifiers.

You see, the way that it works is you plug the amphone into your guitar and then fiddle with some knobs on the side of the cans to get the desired tone. There will be four different models: The AC30, the Twin (modeled after classic American amps like the Fender Twin Reverb), Lead (high gain), and one for bassists. The phones are self-powered and can be used with standard MP3 players by simply removing the 1/4″ adapter.

Below is an awfully cheesy video for the product as well as a picture of the four models. You can also hear audio samples here. Someone snag me a ‘Lead’ and an ‘AC30’ please?

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