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Nintendo’s Partnership With Unity Could Bring More Horror Games To The Wii U

Unity Technologies recently announced an exciting partnership with Nintendo that could end up bringing more indie horror games to the Wii U. The partnership will provide a version of the Unity game engine as well as the rights for Nintendo to distribute it to in-house, external, and third-party developers. “Nintendo’s unfettered access to Unity will produce a wealth of insanely good games from knowledgeable Nintendo developers and the Wii U deployment add-on will create an amazing opportunity for our massive community of developers to showcase their incredible creativity on one of the most anticipated and innovative gaming platforms to date.” said Unity CEO David Helgason.

For the unfamiliar, Unity is a multi-platform game engine that’s fairly easy to develop for. It’s also more cost effective than most other development tools, hence why so many indie developers use it for their projects. It’s a popular tool for smaller developers, including Mark Hadley’s Parsec Productions, which brought us the deliciously creepy, and soon to be remade Slender: The Eight Pages. The Wii U releases on November 18th, but the Unity platform won’t be available until next year.

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