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[News Bites] Spot Check Edition! New TV Spots For ‘Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’, ‘Sinister’ And ‘The American Scream’!

Man, a lot of TV Spots just hit the net. And guess what? Instead of making you click on three different articles (that is – if you’re in to all three films) we’re just depositing them here in this handy “Spot Check” edition of News Bites! First up? A brand new spot for Sinister that highlights some of the film’s best stuff. I liked the film but recommend not watching this if you’re already planning on seeing it.

Then? Two TV Spots for The American Scream, this hit documentary out of Fantastic Fest about people decorating their houses for Halloween. I’m told it’s aight.

And finally, a spot for Silent Hill: Revelation 3D, which a lot of you seem pretty pumped for.

Silent Hill is in theaters on October 26th. Sinister hits two weeks before on October 12th. The American Scream airs October 28th on Chiller at 8PM ET. BOOM!




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