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[OMFG] ’30 Days of Night’ Creative Team Of Ben Templesmith And Steve Niles Reunite For ‘LUST’

The team that brought you the original “30 Days of Night” series is back together for a new project from 44FLOOD titled LUST. Following the wild success of 44FLOOD’s first project, “TOME”, the new publisher took to Kickstarter again this morning to help fund their second project. “LUST” is a 48-page comic/art/prose fusion book written by Steve Niles with art on one-half by menton3 and art on the other half by Ben Templesmith.

The team at 44FLOOD has been teasing this project for the past couple of weeks, and the book is said to explore virtues and vices of our world. This is the first time since “30 Days of Night” that Niles and Templesmith are teaming up, and that was almost a decade ago. The backing options for their Kickstarter offer a wide variety of original artwork from both Templesmith and menton3. I have a feeling this will be funded within a few hours. Check out the details after the jump.

From the Kickstarter page:

LUST is being produced by 44FLOOD, as we’re all about offering unique projects direct to the reader that would often be considered unsuitable to the industry at large. Our goal is to get you involved through this Kickstarter campaign to make LUST a reality.

We’re raising funds to create, print, and promote this limited-edition book by offering it as a discounted direct pre-order here along with Kickstarter exclusive prints, giclees, and original art you’ll only be able to get by jumping on early.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and support!




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