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‘Silent Hill: Book Of Memories’ Threatens Vita Owners With An October 16th Release In The US, November 2nd In Europe

It’s no secret I have low, low expectations for Silent Hill: Book of Memories. This opinion has been formulated because of the simple fact that it looks terrible. I love the Silent Hill series, almost obsessively so, and I’m all for studios taking chances with their games, but this just does not look good. Obviously, being a human with opinions that are allowed to differ from my own, you may very well see the direction developer WayForward has taken with the game as a brilliant one, and that’s okay. If you are looking forward to it, and assuming it doesn’t get delayed again, you can look forward to beating down twisted creatures with your friends when Book of Memories releases for the PS Vita on October 16th in the States and November 2nd in Europe.

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