Kris Roe Of The Ataris Loses His Cool And Destroys The Drummer's Kit - Bloody Disgusting
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Kris Roe Of The Ataris Loses His Cool And Destroys The Drummer’s Kit



Kris Roe, singer and guitarist of punk band The Ataris, went kind of mental on stage Sunday night, destroying drummer Rob Felicetti’s kit before turning to the crowd and announcing that he would continue the show on his own. Whether or not the crowd was into the show after the debacle is uncertain (I’m sure some thought it was so “punk rock” and others were probably pissed that they bought tickets to see a band and, instead, got a solo performance). There is video footage of the incident, which you can watch below.

Now, I’m not a fan of this band. Honestly, I probably haven’t heard any of their songs unless they were on the radio and, even then, it’s doubtful. But looking at the member history of the band and seeing that Kris Roe is the only original member, well that leads me to think that he’s a difficult person to work with. I couldn’t see the drummer doing anything wrong in the video. In fact, he seemed to be spot on. Anyone notice something that I didn’t?

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