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[WTF] These Unused ‘Jurassic Park IV’ Sketches Will Send You Into A State Of Shock

Circulating on message boards over the past day, via a Reddit user, but brought to our attention by Badass Digest (credit city!) are a series of absolutely shocking concept art and sculpts from the previous incarnation of Jurassic Park IV. You know, the dumb idea about “genetically engineered human-dinosaur hybrids that were super smart gun-toting mercenaries”? The script was penned by John Sayles, and AICN‘s review of the screenplay (thankfully) sent it back into the depths of development hell. Yeah, that one.

Leaked onto the wonderful Interwebs are a series of concept art created by artist Carlos Huant, along with completely idiotic ILM sculpts. As the site suggests, some of the work looks like a lot like the Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man. This is bad.

I can only wonder if Steven Spielberg was involved with the project at this point. While one of the greatest directors of all time, he is the guy solely responsible for the CGI demon at the end of the brilliant Paranormal Activity. Maybe he thought military designed hybrid dinosaurs were a cool idea? It’s hard to scoff so blatantly hard when we’ve all seen the Transformers movies – although, they were always alien robots that turned into cars. Dinosaurs, well, they’re fucking dinosaurs! What the hell was Universal thinking?!



  • flesheater24

    LMFAO that made my day. I would of laughed harder but my stomach hurts already.

  • flesheater24

    LMFAOOO I can’t stop laughing seriously the triceptops one LMFAOOO… This looks like something out of half-life or what was that one game with shit like this?

  • iszac87

    One of the stupiest ideas ever! Thank God they’ve abandoned these! Please bring us back a old fashioned Jurassic Park instead.

  • djblack1313

    i actually like the design of the creature that’s being sculpted in these pix (the artwork designs i don’t really like). that being said, this is the first i’ve heard about them even considering a human-dinosaur hybrid idea (and toting guns no less! LOL) and i can’t see it being a good thing for a Jurassic Park movie. but again, i really like the design of the sculptured creature.

  • GerryButton

    To me this just isn’t Jurassic Park. These creature concepts look like the belong in a sort of science fiction horror flick. Maybe not even that. They aren’t bad mind you, they do look pretty interesting… but it’s not Jurassic Park.

    When I look back on Jurassic Park I want to remember fondly seeing the Tyrannosaurus for the first time in the original, for the epic trailer scene in the second, and the Spinosaurus in the third. Not Jimmy Bob Raptor in the fourth.

  • divisionbell

    Did I miss something? I don’t remember seeing a CGI demon at the end of Paranormal Activity…

    • Jasonicus

      Katie at the very end was CGI. When she jumps at the camera. That was added at Spielberg’s suggestion.

  • Raze55

    They would have had to change the name from Jurassic Park 4 to DINO RIDERS!!! Am I the only one that remembers that cartoon from my childhood?

  • is it just me, or do they kinda look like more vicious versions of Goombas from the crappy super mario bros 90s movie

  • I think that triceratops looks totally boss!

  • Ultrazilla

    Those designs are cool, if this were from something without the “Jurassic Park” name then everyone would be all over it with praise. And somebody please refresh my memory, because I don’t remember any CGI demons in Paranormal Activity…? Brad, are you feeling ok?

  • Jasonicus

    I’d be on board with dino-mercenaries, but not for Jurassic Park. This direction would have made zero sense.

    • Coyote

      To say this direction would have made zero sense is ignorant. Really? What sense did the first Jurrasic make to begin with? We start growing dinosaurs from dna stored in a mosquito? C’mon. It’s movies. It’s for entertainment. It doesn’t have to make sense.

  • Coyote

    I think all these negative comments are just a result of people not knowing how to think for themselves. If the writer of this article had written how awesome of an idea this was, then I have no doubt all the comments would have been positive about the concept art. Bottomline is these are awesome hybrid concept art designs and admit it or not, you morons would have loved to see it make it into a movie with the humans and dinosaurs. This is a cool idea and twist to have added to Jurrasic Park rather than just make another dinosaur special effects move. I think people like the writer of this article are why all we have nowadays is remakes of movies.

  • slayer20

    Yes, this would have obviously been way out there, but then again…the last JP installment was a bit off. If this was done correctly it possibly could have been interesting, although I’m glad it’s not gonna happen.

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