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Critically Acclaimed Writer Tom Sniegoski Returns To Vampirella

In one of the most exciting announcements to come out of New York Comic Con is the return of writer Tom Sniegoski to Vampirella. Sniegoski will return to the character with a new series, “Vampirella Strikes”, drawn by Johnny Desjardins. The series is expected to surface in 2013. More details below.

Sniegoski wrote one of the best runs on “Vampirella”, penning the critically acclaimed “Vengeance of Vampirella” #1- #25. While most writers work on “Vampirella” offered up very little in terms of substance and used her sexuality as a crutch, Sniegoski focused on characterization and making her a fierce bloodlusting warrior with a purpose. His work on the character should be used as the benchmark for all “Vampirella” stories, as his “The Mystery Walk” origin story arc is probably the best “Vampirella” story ever told.

The artwork is handled by Johnny Desjardins, who has a hayper detailed style that is reminicent of a young David Finch. Check out some of the “Vampirella” pieces he’s already done above.



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