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[TV] First Look At Failed-Pilot-Turned-TV-Movie “Mockingbird Lane”; Trailer Added!

Updated with TV promo trailer! NBC has released the first photos from Mockingbird Lane,” Bryan Fuller’s reboot of that ’60s show about a spooktacular clan comprised of Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula’s daughter, a vampire, a wee werewolf and their pretty, oddball cousin.

Reports TVLine, it was announced earlier this week that the pilot for the fanciful series will air as part of a spat of Halloween-themed programming on Friday, October 26 — if not feed into an actual series run.

Directed by Bryan Singer, Mockingbird Lane stars Jerry O’Connell (“Crossing Jordan”) as Herman Munster, Portia de Rossi (“Arrested Development”) as his wife Lily Eddie Izzard (“The Riches”) as Grandpa, Mason Cook (Spy Kids 4D) as Eddie and Charity Wakefield as Marilyn.

The pilot begins when a baby bear attacks a scouting trip, only it turns out that this “bear” is actually Eddie transformed into a werewolf. Eddie is unaware of his metamorphosis and it forces the family to move in order to protect the family secret. The coming of age story gets weirder as he fights against his family when he learns of a shocker: they’re a family of flesh-eaters!




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