[Random Cool] Check Out This Amazing Double Neck 8-String Billy The Puppet Saw Guitar


Let’s be honest here, guitars with horror artwork can either be really beautifully crafted or look like total garbage. And custom guitar bodies also suffer the same problem. Sometimes they look so unique and incredible that it takes the breath away. But other times you look at the guitar and wonder, “What the hell were they thinking? That’s not even cool looking at all!”

Below is a guitar that I think turned out really well. Clearly designed by a horror lover, it’s a double neck, 8-string guitar (yes, both sides are 8-string for maximum br00tal m3t4lz) that features the face of Billy The Puppet, the beloved little icon from the Saw franchise. The edges of the guitar are shaped like saw teeth, which though I’m not a fan of, I think it works perfectly considering the idea of this guitar.

Check out the guitar below and leave a comment with a link to YOUR favorite horror-inspired guitar!

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  • morrisseylikesburgers

    This looks like something you’d see some kid with stringy, long, unwashed hair and bad acne doing sweeps on at Guitar Center.

    • JonathanBarkan

      And when you ask them what they think of Michael Angelo Batio, they’ll reply, “Who?” Head explosion to commence in 3…2…1…