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[TV] Next On “The Walking Dead” Ep. 3×02 “Sick”, Season 3 Premiere Talkback!

It’s no secret that AMC’s road to the third season of their record-breaking zombie drama The Walking Dead has been a rocky one. Us horror fans have been giving the series a major pass because, well, we’re just excited to have something to call “ours” on the small screen. While I’ve been one of the more vocal naysayers, it should be clarified that Robert Kirman’s comic series is one of my all-time favorites, and I expected a bit more from the team behind this adaptation (Season 2 spoiler: the fact that Carl doesn’t actually kill Shane obliterates his character and devolves him from becoming a broken young “man”). The behind-the-scenes chaos last season between showrunner Frank Darabont and AMC became got ugly when it became public – but to be fair, you can’t repair two seasons of damage overnight.

With that I lead into tonight’s Season 3 premiere. A new start. A new beginning. This is the first time AMC and the filmmaking team are on the same page. Early word has been incredibly strong. Thus, it’s hard to imagine that anyone here isn’t excited to see the undead rise back on their televisions (unless, of course, you have Dish).

As I write this, Rick and co. should be arriving to the prison complex and setting up what should be the definitive turning point in this franchise. With the introduction of Michonne and The Governor there’s a lot to look forward to. But let’s just start right here, right now. Take it one day at a time. Talk back below and get a conversation going with other Bloody readers regarding the premiere episode. You can also cement your thoughts in BD history by writing your own review in our database. We’re dying to know what you think!

Update: We’ve add the promo for episode 2, along with two behind-the-scenes looks at the making of episode 03.01 “Seed” inside!

“The Walking Dead” 3×02 Promo/Preview “Sick”.

(CONTAINS SPOILERS) Inside Episode 301 “The Walking Dead” “Seed”See how the group has become a fortified unit as they struggle to survive in the Season 3 premiere.

(CONTAINS SPOILERS) The Making of Episode 301, “Seed”: Inside “The Walking Dead”The cast and crew talk about set design, cleaning house and trying to find safety within the prison walls in the making of the Season 3 premiere.




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