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Who Cares If Brian De Palma Gives ‘Carrie’ His Blessing?!

On March 15 Sony and MGM will burn theaters down with their modern adaptation of Stephen King’s classic Carrie, this time dropping the pig’s blood on poor Chloe Moretz’s head with the help of director Kimberly Peirce.

Typically when a classic is remade we all immediately wonder what the original’s director thinks. Typically.

Fangoria caught up with Brian De Palma, who helmed the 1976 film version that earned Oscar nominations for stars Sissy Spacek and Piper Laurie.

I know Kimberly Pierce, I’ve known her for twelve years,” De Palma told the magazine. “She’s a bright, talented person. I tried to encourage her to make a movie very quickly after the success of Boys [Don’t Cry] and it took her years to find right material…but anyway, she contacted me when she decided to do Carrie. We discussed the right way to approach it, who she was going to cast and we had a few discussions about it and basically I gave her my blessing. She’s a very talented girl and I’m really excited to see what she does. It will be more like the book, I think, which is Sue Snell’s testimony which puts Carrie in kind of brackets…

Really? I mean, REALLY?!?!

I’m sorry but the only person who has the right to “give their blessing” is the great Stephen King. De Palma isn’t the mastermind behind one of the greatest psychological horror films of all time, King is, therefore who gives a crap what De Palma thinks? Somebody get King on the line, STAT!



  • Sloppy Joe Cocky

    You’re joking, right? For as much as we all recognize that this is one of Stephen King’s babies, at least give some credit where credit is due. Without De Palma, there wouldn’t a classic “Carrie” film at all, let alone one that managed to garner two Oscar nominations in the process. King put the proverbial pen to paper to craft the story, so his opinion obviously matters, but De Palma took that paper and translated it into one of the most well-regarded horror films of all-time. How you could so blatantly disregard that is ridiculous. You’ve spewed some putrid opinions in the past, but this one far surpasses any of that garbage verbiage. This screams controversy for controversy’s sake, and it’s an absolute joke. The man directed the film; he was the force behind its cinematic adaptation. He may not have the same type of pull that King does, but his “blessing” certainly holds merit. After all, we are discussing a remake of the film that he directed. Therefore, I “give a crap” what De Palma thinks, just like I would love to know what Stephen King thinks.

    • Spike0037

      Watch when the movie comes out there will be pop up adds and banners a over this site. He will take money from the studio to keep this site running.

  • divisionbell

    I think the real question is why should we care of King thinks? The man has become a loony hack since the good ol’ days when we wrote classics like Carrie. This is the same man who beat up a van that hit him when he was walking. The same man who gave his blessing to such god awful tv films as Langoliers, The Shining, Tommyknockers….need I go on? I’d prefer to see De Palma’s blessing on this one.

  • morehorror4me


  • djblack1313

    i too think De Palma’s bessing (or whatever) is more what interests me. yes, i DO hope King likes Kimberly’s movie too but De Palma is one of VERY few directors who’ve managed to make/direct a King movie that was actually good. i think the bad King movie’s outweigh the good ones. CARRIE is one of the best and that’s due in very very large part to De Palma.

    he’s a class act to be so generous and helpful to Kimberly with this movie.

  • Lincoln Hawk

    King’s approval? Really dude? Kubrick sure didn’t have his approval on The Shining and that movie took a shit all over his book. Stephen King has written some great shit, but 95% of his movie adaptations SUCK (including The Shining re-make he did for TV)

  • claytonshaul

    Brian De Palma is a master filmmaker and he’s offering nothing but praise to Kimberly Pierce. I don’t see why this is such a matter of opinion on your’s or anyone else’s behalf. I don’t really understand the logic or importance of publishing an article if nothing than to offer a very unneeded “meh” to the afternoon.

  • Weatherface

    I’d say as the director of the classic original, De Palma’s blessing is very important to this remake. And the fact that he’s offered his support & advice to the director is a huge bonus for her. This is the man who’s made great films like the original Carrie, Dressed to Kill, Blow Out, Scarface, Body Double, The Untouchables & Carlito’s Way.

  • Edo

    What an amateurish thing to say. The adaptation of Carrie could not have been what it was without Brian De Palma, end of story. I would hope you are not so ignorant that you can’t tell the importance of a director to a film. De Palma has created brilliant films, I would watch my step when shitting on his work.

  • jfisher

    I’m pretty sure (but don’t quote me on this) King has said in the past that De Palma’s Carrie is better than his book. I would have to agree. Carrie the movie is much more iconic than Carrie the book.

    That being said, I don’t see how De Palma’s quote could offend you. It’s just a dumb post.

  • WTF why are you hating on De Palma. In the hands of another director Carrie could have been an awful mess. Yes King wrote the story but De Palma directed two ladies into Oscar nominations. So how bout being less smug and giving the director some respect ass tart

  • just gotta say ALL of you rock.. from casting.. to directing the actors Depalma is all over the flick. could have been as good as pet semetary 2 otherwise.. King churns out some real stinkers of books.. but his films usually succeed on the STRENGTH of the director.. Reiner, Darabont, Depalma.. Kubrick.. honestly couldn’t get into The Shining novel.. even Darabont greatly fleshed out the short story for Shawshank..

  • Nothing333

    Ol Mr. D, once again with his finger on the pulse of his loyal readership.

  • Dark-one

    I think the point of the article is that the new carrie is not a remake of De palmas film but a separate adaptation of king’s novel. So kings blessing should be all that really matters.

  • Darkness69

    Who wouldn’t take it out on a freakin’ van that hit him almost through death’s door? I mean – seriously – we’re discussing Stephen King here! One of the best horror authors ever!
    Aside from that, I think MrDisgusting only wanted to provoke the readership into writing comments. It’s much more fun that way, isn’t it?

  • HMH


  • DeathAwaits

    this ignorant article under-minds filmmakers. Complete garbage. stuff like this makes me second guess coming to this site, if this kind of high school tripe is going to be written.

  • cryocore

    Brad, fuck off.
    You’re a talentless know nothing dumbfuck who stupids up this site at every turn. When you’re not shitting all over everything regardless of whether or not you’ve even seen it, or lambasting something else while telling everyone else why you’re right and they’re wrong, or displaying your complete ignorance over films you’ve obviously not seen you’re making idiotic statements that make no sense.

    The De Palma interpretation of Carrie differs not only in content, but also in theme from the source material. The book is OK, but even Mr King admits he has matured significantly since he early works (Carrie being one of these). The film though is a well made and critically acclaimed.

    I wish someone would fire your waste of space ass and get this site back on track. You are far and away the worst thing here, you’re an obviously stupid, ignorant douche who lacks the intelligence and professional integrity to produce anything of worth. You’ve worn out your welcome you pathetic little cunt. Do us all a favor and just fuck off. I hope I made that clear enough so even you being the collosal douchetard you are can understand it. Its so obvious you’re out of your league that you not only embarrass yourself, but horror fans in general.

    We thank you for creating BD, but thats about the only thing of worth you’ve ever produced, and lets be honest is wasnt even you that produced that.

    • Spike0037

      Your right Brad is a dick. But like I said when the come knocking with the adds to advertise and they give he money. He will take it he’s going to take that money and suck that tit.

  • Doornail12

    I’ve worked with Brian De Palma, he’s a class act. We fans should care that he took the time to help Kimberly with this remake. It’s a very good sign.

  • m-m-m-MONSTER_KILL

    Damn guys. While I don’t agree with this article and some very good points have been made in the comments about the movie and De Palma’s influence and whatnot (this movie wouldn’t even be happening if not for the strength of the original), do we really need all the vitriol? Cryocore, you said Brad hasn’t done anything of worth, but honestly him and this site have been doing more to progress independent horror in the last few years than damn near anyone else, what with BD Selects and the constant articles about flicks that have slipped past the mainstream, especially since this website has gained enough prominence to almost be considered mainstream, which means that a lot more people are hearing about these things than would have otherwise. Yeah, some headlines and articles may be overly-opinionated and act essentially as a blog instead of news (this, anything regarding Kevin smith), but some of y’all are being unfairly harsh on Brad and the site, especially for people who are members and frequent posters who could go to any number of sites to get their news (often quite a while after it’s been released here on BD…SOMEtimes quite a while before) but choose to come here instead.

    Just sayin.

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