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[BD Review] Brad Weighs In On ‘Paranormal Activity 4’!

Paramount Pictures’ Paranormal Activity 4 hits theaters today, October 19. It’s directed by Catfish duo Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, whom also helmed Paranormal Activity 3. Unfortunately, this fourth entry has none of that film’s mojo. I unexpectedly loved the third entry, so my hopes were high for this new installment, so imagine my surprise when I sat in the theater aghast at how boring the overall film is (not to mention how flimsy the ending is).

But don’t take my word for it! Brad (Mr. Disgusting) weighs in with his review, “Paranormal Activity 4 is such drivel. It’s trite and cliche to its own fault, a lazy and cheap replica of a Paranormal Activity movie. If it weren’t for the performances by all three of the children, I may have found myself either sleeping or walking out of the theater – and this is saying a lot from the guy who gave Paranormal Activity 2 a pass.

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  • al343806

    Sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to seeing where they went with this one. Not sure if I’ll see it now though.

    Kind of funny that you still have adverts for it all over the website though!

  • Taboo

    Yeah this one can’t be good especially after seeing that damn commercial of people acting so damn obnoxious n shit lol

  • djblack1313

    this looked abysmal and i’m not surprised people are finding it to be that. most of the comment reviews over on comingsoon are saying the same thing.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Hmmm, kind of surprised Brad trashed this film. Thought he was fan of the series, and if I’m not mistaken, he gave PA 3 a very high rating (an 8/10 or something like that).

    The negative backlash doesn’t surprise me at all. The trailers were awful, the TV spots were awful, and unlike the previous films, I didn’t feel the same amount of buzz for PA 4. Story wise, PA 4 looks like the same type of runaround bullshit we saw in the previous two films.

    I might give this one a chance in theaters, but I’ll have to wait until the crowds die down. The noisy jackasses, who like to scream out loud for no real reason at all are kind of annoying.

  • flesheater24

    Ya this movie sucked ass. It was up there with #2 it was just fuckin boring and lame, like IDK how they failed on making it so cliche and stupid after the amazing 3rd movie brought hope back for me after freaking me out so much. I just pray to god either this is the last one or they up everything for 5. either way I am done paying for this

  • Aaron Emery

    Okay, so I’m surprised I’m saying this, but I actually kinda liked it (I’m ashamed). I thought it was better than parts 2-3, one thing that drove me fuck!ng insane was the quick editing to make you jump at nothing, at least 3 times the camera “skipped” and bam a character is on the other side of the room. Also (and I know with thee movies this is a dumb thing to gripe in) there was absolutely no reason brought up for them to be filming until the halfway mark, and yet we found all this footage. I did think their was some decent scares though (the garage scene was pretty good) and a few questions were answered (a few more were set up though). Oh we’ll, it was better than I thought it would be but it still wasn’t anything special. I’d kinda like to see it all wrapped up in a narrative form though to end the franchise.

    • djblack1313

      Aaron you MUST hang your head in shame…..(just kidding!) 🙂

      • Aaron Emery

        Oh I already am lol. I’m still hoping this bombs at the box office just to give the studio a hint, my friend and I were the only people at today’s afternoon showing. Don’t get me wrong, this is NOT a good movie, but I was entertained more so than the last 2. I still can’t believe I payed ten bucks to see this though, the whole franchise is kinda trash. I guess I just want to know wtf has been going on lol but this one opened up 300 (literally, no joke) more questions. It’s a sad state of affairs when I am trying to make friggin’ Paranormal Activity 4 an acceptable major horror release. I think major studios think us horror fans are dumb, because there is certainly very little effort in trying to impress. I’m just going to end my day off with The Devil’s Backbone, that way I can say I’ve seen one quality ghost story today.

        • djblack1313

          THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE is awesome! i understand what you mean about sticking with the franchise to get proper closure/answers.

  • Sloppy Joe Cocky

    What’s hilarious is that this film actually answered quite a bit, but alas, everything seemed to have went way over Brad’s head. Honestly, it’s not that terrible of a flick. Boring? Yes. But it did answer many questions that we had going into a PA4, while wrapping up the Katie/Toby/Hunter/Wyatt storyline. Did the film have its flaws, and was it hard to sit through at times? Absolutely. But it’s not as bad as “Brad” is making it out to be.

    For one, this film is much, much better than PA2. It’s not on the level of 1, or 3 for that matter, but it’s still miles better than 2. There are a lot of loose ends tied up here, and honestly, it isn’t enhancing the story, but rather ending it – for the most part. The goal of the film wasn’t to enhance the mythology, it was to properly close it out. Hence, the subtle nods to Robbie being a demon-possessed boy who’s well over 100 years old, who only helped to aid Wyatt for what he, himself, had went through long ago. It was all about bringing Wyatt back, now that he was old enough, to go through the same ordeal that Robbie once had to. At the end of the film, he was ready, and the coven were all there in full to do whatever it is they do to change him over into “Toby.” The blood of the virgin needed to be spilled, which would explain why Alex and her family were brought into this.

    It was all about wrapping the film up, not enhancing anything. It took that PA mythology and wrapped it up. That’s why I don’t get the hate; it wasn’t perfect, but it’s not the drivel that “Brad” thinks it to be.

    • Aaron Emery

      ***SPOILERS*** Hmmm, I didn’t really get the whole Robbie thing, what you said makes sense but I didn’t really see enough information other than a couple small lines to verify that. I may have missed it though, and what ordeal are you talking about that Robbie went through hundreds of years ago? Also, since Wyatt was Hunter, and Katie kidnapped him 5 years prior, how is it that he was able to be adopted? Now, with Toby, being that he “married” Katie when she was a child is she pretty much enslaved to him?
      *************** I swear I’m not being condescending, I legit want to know all of this********
      One more question, when the idea of the “virgin” was brought up it was clearly stated that Alex was not a virgin, neither was Ben, so killing that family served no purpose other than to get Wyatt back right?
      As far as Mr. D.’s review, he was reviewing the work print (he also mentions that there was never a scene with them watching the footage, but damn I was getting sick of seeing them watch the stuff every time something happened). My head is spinning, if you made it this far thank you!!

      • marioncrane

        Actually it was implied that Alex and Ben were both virgins. When they were reading about the virgin blood needing to be spilled, Ben said ‘well you’re f*****’ and then she said ‘so are you’, and Ben tries to deny it by saying that he’d ‘done it’ 3 times with 4 different girls. Lol.

  • ThunderDragoon

    *SPOILERS AHEAD* It was better than part 3 so I have no complaints. I was so happy to finally see Katie again in something other than flashback clips. It moved the story forward and didn’t do another prequel thing. Sure, it’s still weaker than PA and PA2 (part 2 was my favorite, and I can see by most of the comments that I’m basically the only one here who has that opinion), but it didn’t false advertise like PA3 did so I applaud it if just for that alone.

    The acting was great. I loved the kids’ roles in the movie. I admit, the scares were the worst of the series. I don’t think I jumped once. Could’ve had to do with me seeing Sinister a week before so I’m just numb to everything else now lol. And an extra 10, or even 5, minutes wouldn’t have hurt, but it still wasn’t as bad as people say. Hopefully they continue right where this one left off because they could really do a lot with it. Did you see that army of witches? That was insane.

  • jmacgrath

    Ugh. Hate Saying this, but I enjoyed it. I thought it was way scarier than the 3rd one anyway. I think the 3rd was great, just not scary. Especially because you knew the kids were safe. The 2nd is still easily the scariest. I dunno, guess I just love bad movies.. Piranha 3D FTW!!!! :p

  • Marty McFly

    Of course this movie sucked, what did you expect??? Parts 1, 2 and 3 were all useless steaming piles of shit too. How did you think this movie was going to be anything but boring? All these movies are fucking BORING! Honestly, if you think these movies are scary or even entertaining you really need your head examined. It’s trash like this and Justin Bieber, Jonas Brothers, Mtv, rap music, Jersey Shore, and basically every other cheesy generic shitty puke worthy mainstream garbage that’s taken over the world these days. Fuck Paranormal Activity. Fuck it up it’s useless ass.


    It doesn’t really matter if it’s “good” or not. They’ll just keep making chapters of this franchise for a long time. They cost less than $10 MIL to make and always return 10x that at the box office.
    The hardest thing to do with this franchise is keeping the marketing fresh. This time they just went for a different audience – high school seniors – by creating a story around kids their age. It’ll work too.

  • undertaker78

    What’s that putrid stench? Oh it’s Paranormal Activity.

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