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New Poster For ‘Texas Chainsaw 3D’ Gives Us A Good Look At The New Leatherface!

Bloody reader Salva Gonzalez sent us this rough look at the 3rd poster from Lionsgate’s Texas Chainsaw 3D. This time we get a pretty good idea of Leatherface’s new look! I think it’s actually pretty good, but I prefer the original mask (decades of conditioning will do that to you).

In theaters January 4, 2013, the sequel is being directed by John Luessenhop from a screenplay by Adam Marcus, Debra Sullivan and Kirsten Elms. Dan Yeager, John Dugan, Bill Moseley, Alexandra Daddario, Sue Rock, Tania Raymonde, Scott Eastwood, Gunnar Hansen, Tobe Hooper, Paul Rae, Keram Malicki-Sánchez, Ritchie Montgomery, Trey Songz, Marilyn Burns, Shaun Sipos, Thom Barry and Richard Riehle star.

The seventh incarnation is a direct sequel to Hooper’s classic 1974 film that follows the lead character, Heather, who along with her friends, travel to Texas in order to collect an inheritance. The spin? What would you do if you found out your cousin was Leatherface, and he was now YOURS?

Head inside for the new look at Leatherface.



  • djblack1313

    not bad but take out the chainsaw and it doesn’t really look like Leatherface/a TCM movie. the mask looks too weird or something.

  • purplek

    I love the mask!

  • djblack1313

    it looks more like a grey pumpkin or a clown or something. it’s not horrible it just doesn’t scream TCM. but the movie still looks decent! 🙂

    • EvanDickson

      I saw the trailer on the big screen before Silent Hill. Not sure I’m in love with the look of the movie.

      • Evan, have u seen the fifth Wrong Turn and how costume design (and monumentally the set design) was uber toned down? I think this is close to that.

        I’m crossing my fingers until something interesting pops up.

  • SelfishMan912

    leather…. overalls? leather overalls, ladys and gentlemen.

    • EvanDickson

      Maybe a butcher thing?

      • djblack1313

        isn’t it the same thing as this…(from the HOSTEL movies)

        but just a varied form of it?

        • SelfishMan912

          i have no idea, his whole get up just looks a bit too silly for me. there was something so sinister about the disheveled suit leatherface wore in the original, maybe the contrast between a somewhat ordinary looking outfit coupled with the mask and chainsaw. i have no idea.

          • djblack1313

            SelfishMan912, i agree w/ you.

  • Kelsy Teague

    The coolest thing about this mask is that it actually looks like real skin would probably look instead of like rubber, something that hasn’t been pulled off since the original

  • staindFAN

    It looks like a “fresh” face if you will. Like it’s fresh of a victim, pretty cool, but from what I understand this will be only one of a few mask worn in the film. Can’t wait to see this, hope its good.

  • Zombie-Killa

    Not bad, but I still think Thomas Hewitt is the most intimidating Leatherface. Enjoyed the 2003 remake, but The Beginning was shit.

  • GoreLupis

    Not bad, i’m excited, since the originals were the first horror series i’d ever watched. Now I just want a trailer, I mean, leatherface looks decent, but what can you really tell from the poster besides what he is going to look like?

    • staindFAN

      A trailer was already released.

  • ThunderDragoon

    I don’t know, I kinda like it.

  • HorrorFromDownUnder

    Mask looks like a cow poo with hair. Long live the true leatherface; Gunner Hansen

  • Remember-Slithis

    Is he from NILBOG?

    • Frey

      he had too many double decker bologna sandwichs

  • Warpaint

    The mask just looks terrible. Like someone smeared a clown’s face in dog shit, then lit it on fire. Everything I’ve seen from this movie so far is starting to make the 2003 Platinum Dunes remake look like a misunderstood masterpiece… and that’s saying a lot.

    • djblack1313

      Warpaint, EXACTLY! it doesn’t even look like this mask/skin belonged to an actual person. it looks like a burned clown mask that one would buy at Walmart or something.

  • Taboo

    I’m a big fan of these films and I’m sad because I really want to be excited for this one, but I just can’t. Everything about this one looks terrible 🙁

  • NecRomancer

    Memo from the desk of Slipknot: We want the clown mask back.

  • WolfQueen

    This isn’t the same one we got at the theatre that I work at. We got the one that has all the heads/masks lining shelves. That was one is better.

  • No…just no.
    For a moment I thought it was a Clint Eastwood mask. And I did see the trailer in the theater…I was like wtf?!

  • GhettoWerewolf

    Meh…I was excited until I saw this.

  • xAshleyMariex

    This is just bad…. it doesn’t even look like skin.
    There only doing this movie for money.

  • jpjd

    Everything about this movie seems like a misstep so far. Horrible trailer and now an even worse poster.

  • Alabama-Sharp

    Hoping for the best…but preparing for the worst. I’m really hoping for the best though

  • wildgator25

    Looks a lot like a grayed over version, aged I guess you could say, of LG’s face from TCM2.

    L.G. McPeters: It’s like super-feedback. Just… put the underwoofer across the overflapper.


  • mav07

    it would make more sense if they stuck with the original title “Leatherface 3D.” Texas Chainsaw sounds stupid. Why take out “Massacre”?

  • zer0M

    This looks like a fan made film… Actually I’m certain that fans could do better than this.

    • jpjd

      I agree 100%!

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