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5 Favorite ‘Friday The 13th’ Characters!!!

Let’s face it, the Friday The 13th franchise isn’t exactly known for great writing, outstanding performances, thematic heft, arcs, or anything that would remotely constitute an olive branch to the non-horror fan. But that doesn’t mean the moves are without merit! I’m a nut for the franchise (which you can probably tell by my ranking of the franchise) and, even aside from the kills, there’s plenty to like!

Just because the series isn’t known for its great characters doesn’t mean that there’s not a handful of characters and performances that rise above the rest.

Head inside for my 5 Favorite Friday The 13th Characters!

TOMMY JARVIS (Corey Feldman, John Shepherd, Thom Mathews)Parts 4-6

Tommy Jarvis wins placement here despite not even really being a character. His traits fluctuate so wildly from film to film that there’s no real defining set of characteristics. Corey Feldman plays him as a precocious special effects expert in The Final Chapter. John Shepherd portrays him as an oily mute in A New Beginning. Though I suppose there’s some consistency here. His version of the character still makes masks and sh*t and I wouldn’t be all that talkative either after the events of the 4th film. Meanwhile, Thom Mathews’ version of the character in Jason Lives (pictured above) is proactive and reasonably mentally healthy all things considered though he actually gives the best performance among the character’s three iterations. What Tommy Jarvis does add is a sense of narrative stability throughout parts 4-6. It’s kind of amazing that all it takes is a consistent name to form mid-franchise trilogy.

MEGAN GARRIS (Jennifer Cooke)Part 6

In a series not known for strong characters on either side of the sexual divide, Jennifer Cooke does impressive work in her turn as Megan Garris, the rebellious Sheriff’s daughter in Jason Lives. Too often in the F13 films a female character is given “depth” by a single line of exposition. Not here. Cooke plays her as confident, bold, naive, smart, sexy and genuinely alive. In the real world it’s probably not such a powerhouse performance but, relative to this series, it deserves any accolades legally bestowable to such a film.

CREIGHTON DUKE (Steven Williams)Jason Goes To Hell

Watch the video below and tell me he doesn’t belong on this list.

JIMMY MORTIMER (Crispin GloverThe Final Chapter

One of the only characters in the franchise with a semi-complete arc. He goes from a shy, goofy kid who’s worried about being a “dead f*ck” to a svelte party master who owns his awkwardness on the dance floor. Then he sleeps with one of the Doublemint Twins, a lady who indeed is able to confirm the validity of his sexual prowess.

CRAZY RALPH (Walt Gorney)Parts 1-2

Such shameless minstrelsy can’t go without notice or praise! I often times wonder what it would have been like to see this series in order or even at the time of release. Had I been in the theater in 1980 I would have known I was in good, goofy hands as soon as he popped up proclaiming, “you’re doomed! You’re all doomed!

What are your favorite F13 characters?



  • mav07

    I probably would have added Betsy Palmer, only because she scared me way more than Jason ever did.

  • divisionbell

    Paul Holt…Part 2….THE MAN. From the moment he looks at Ginny like he’s going to jump or eat her in front of the entire camp staff you knews he was going to rock.

  • Frey

    What about Shelly? He may have been a bit annoying but he was funny and just wanted to fit in

    • K-Dogg

      OMG, I hated his character, so fucking annoying.

      • divisionbell

        Yeah Shelly was terrible. I did enjoy Rick as the completely sketchy date-rapist-looking dude the entire film. Spent most of the movie trying to look like a tough farmer but sulked every chance he got. One of the most useless heroes I’ve seen.

        Though his death was pretty good

  • Frey

    I also think Victor and Joey should be on there as a tie. That scene in part with the axe was legendary in my opinion.

    • Frey

      *part 5

    • EvanDickson


  • diapers

    The character “Demon” from Part 5. Dude hooks up with his lady, then sings romantic diddys her while taking a dump.

    • EvanDickson

      I love demon!!!

  • SamX0013

    How could you leave out bat s**t crazy Ethel Hubbard from A New Beginning?! LOVE HER! She provided so much levity and awesome one liners. I still say them today! “Don’t you touch me. I gotta bomb on me.” “They outta put these psychos back in the looney bin where they belong.” “That’s it my final words” flips middle finger.
    And I love when the Clint Eastwood looking guy comes to her door. Holy S**t who the f**k are you? What the f**k do you want you want?” I think Ethel takes the crazy cake

    • SamX0013

      and “I’ll do the talkin’ you keep quiet!”

      • pjblake81


  • Marty McFly

    You put the Duke on there?? Really? Come on. That guy is so fucking out of left field it’s not even funny. Jason Goes To Hell is so god damn awful. (Jason X is just as bad) but I hate that character. How is this big know it all? We’ve never even seen him before, and then when he finally confronts Jason he goes, “Remember me?” REMEMBER ME FROM WHAT!?!? You were never in any of the movies until now! You character sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I piss all over Jason Goes To Hell and Jason X. Fuck both of those movies. That being said, best characters would have to be Alice, Ned, Ginny, Chris Higgins, Jimbo, Tommy Jarvis, Megan, Chewie, Clay, Wade.

    • EvanDickson

      @Marty McFly – don’t get me wrong, I hate JASON GOES TO HELL. I think that Duke is the movie admitting that, therefore I like him.

      As far as “remember me?” Continuity has never been the strong point of the series.

  • djblack1313

    Evan, no offense, but yours is the worst list ever (IN MY OPINION! lol).

    1. Ginny
    2. Jason
    3. Trish
    4. Alice
    5. Mrs. Vorhees

    (honorable mentions)
    Mark (Tom McBride from part 2)
    Tommy (from part 4)
    Jeff/Sandra (part 2)
    Crazy Ralph
    Ned (part 1)
    Brenda (part 1)

    • EvanDickson

      I intentionally left off Jason.

      I do like Mark from Part 2. Jeff/Sandra are kind of boring.

      Mrs. Voorhees isn’t all that fun for me.

      All just personal opinion obvs.

      I agree with @Diapers that Demon should be on here.

      • djblack1313

        Evan, i’m just giving you a hard time! i respect your opinion. 🙂

    • divisionbell

      Oh man Alice was the worst character of the entire series. Just a horrible, horrible actress.

  • blackestrose13

    CREIGHTON DUKE (Steven Williams) – Jason Goes To Hell!

  • GhostsOfRoute23

    How can you not have Ethel? She’s the queen.

  • XMarkX

    What about Officer Dorf’s small part? “What, you just get off a spaceship or something??? Columbian gold, man! Hash, the grass, the weed! Dig it?” Hahahaha

    • divisionbell

      hahahaha ahhh yes…the officer who can barely handle his own motorcycle. He was pretty excellent.

    • diapers

      LOL!! I had forgotten about that part. What a completely random character. I’m glad they just went with it.

  • but-sir-the-piranha

    Shelly needs to be on this list, first time Jason gets himself a hockey mask! I agree with Tommy Jarvis(pt. 6), Crazy Ralph, and Jimmy Mortimer being on the list. That dance that Crispin does had to be THEE dance move of 1984. I would also include Reggie and older bro Demon! Solid list more the most part.

  • diapers

    The Crispin Glover dance… I imitated it at a high school dance shortly thereafter. I widely blame it for my lack of girly-action the subsequent year.

  • LastCubScout

    Violet from Part 5 is my favorite. A punk-goth that robot dances? How awesome is that?

  • SuperKilla

    Mr. Voorhees from part 1

    I always liked Dana kimmell from part 3. I think she is the hottest female in the whole series, always good to look at. Also the bikers from part 3 are funny.

    The coroner from part 4 trying to get some ass.

    Reggie the wreckless from part 5

    The old graveyard worker from part 6. (Do they think I’m a farthead?)

    Tina from part 7 kicked ass!

    Creighten Duke definetly!

    Honerable mentions
    The fat lady from Jason goes to hell

    David Cronenberg from Jason x

    • ThunderDragoon

      Yes, Tina! I love her.

  • Jadama

    Hands down that Ms. Voorhees is the number one!!!

  • JasonVoorhees1981

    5. Terry from Part 2 portrayed by Kirsten Baker. Lovely ass! She gets the Best Ass in a Friday the 13th Movie Award.

    4. Ginny from Part 2 portrayed by Amy Steel.

    3. Jason Voorhees Part 7 portrayed by Kane Hodder. The costume was probably the best in any F13 movie. Kane has the passion!

    2. Jason Voorhees Part 3 portrayed by Richard Brooker. Probably the best Jason to date. I liked his movements, and the way he looked in the mask.

    1. Mrs. Voorhees part 1 portrayed by Betsy Palmer. “Get her mommy. Kill her!”

  • VictorCrowley

    Aside from Mrs. Voorhees and Jason….


    Hands down and the most enjoyable character for me.

  • Jeremy-Sage

    I must admit that Maddie (“you need a little-touch-up work”) from Part 7 is one of my favorites. Her extreme-whore makeover was infinitely more twisted and disturbing than her rather intense demise in the barn. I liked her chemistry with her polar-opposite BFF Robin and her brief display of kindness toward Telekinetic Tina. She wasn’t even remotely amused by the bitchy blonde’s straight-jacket gag. Great screamer, too.

    Another unappreciated favorite is the innocent, super-sweet soft-voiced Paula from Part 6. We’re not exactly sure what happened to her, though– stupid college kids– it’s obvious that she and Jason simply forgot to secure the lid of the blender while mixing strawberry daicquiris inside that cabin.

    Finally, Vera from Part 3 was rather interesting. If you think about it, she’d have made a much more formidable final girl than what’s-her-face. It’s so much more refreshing to watch a heroine go head-to-head against the monster WITHOUT ten tons of emotional baggage dragging her down (like Part 2’s kick-ass Ginny).

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