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[13 Days Of Horror] Day 12: Comment To Win A Copy Of ‘Resident Evil 6’ And Other Awesome Swag

Update: If you haven’t participated already, get on it! The deadline to comment for a chance to win some Resident Evil 6 goodies is November 11th. Your odds of winning are pretty good, so there’s really no reason not to participate. Plus, every time you comment, a zombie learns how to love. Think of the zombies.

A few days ago a box arrived on my doorstep, and after I had opened it, observed its contents, and gotten over the wave of disappointment that washed over me after I realized it wasn’t a baby or small animal being left to my care — I started to plan. Inside this box I found a ton of Resident Evil 6 goodies, including three special editions of the game, two normal copies (all for the Xbox 360), over a dozen t-shirts in a variety of sizes, and a bunch of Geltabz that you can slap on your controller to make it roughly 65% more sexy. I fought the urge to toss it all in my bathtub so I could proceed to swim in it like the King of Swag that I’ve long aspired to be, so I could instead give it to you. Why? Because you make my world go round. Head past the break to find out how you can get your hands on some of this.

I’ve decided to break up the goods into three grand prize packs, two slightly-less-grand-but-still-freaking-awesome bundles, and three okay-you-didn’t-get-the-best-prize-but-here-have-something-cool packs. Here’s what they’ll include:

Grand Prize (three winners)
Copy of Resident Evil 6 for Xbox 360 in a snazzy metal tin filled with assorted other goodies.
One t-shirt
One Geltabz

Second Place (two winners)
Copy of Resident Evil 6 for Xbox 360
One t-shirt
One Geltabz

Third Place (three winners)
One t-shirt
One Geltabz

Now, to get your hands on some of this, all I ask of you is to comment below either telling me something you loved about Resident Evil 6, or, if you haven’t played it yet, I want to know what your favorite creature/enemy/level of any past Resident Evil has been so far. Is it the dog jumping through the window in the original game? Resident Evil 4’s Merchant? Resident Evil 2’s Tofu Survivor? Let me know!

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  • restedbones

    My favorite is definitely the cave expedition in RE5. I thought it was really tricky (and to be honest, fucking scary) how one player controlled the light while the other was forced to defend.

    Can’t wait to play RE6. I’ve heard lots of good things

    • Jason Brost

      The Intro from the first one, That’s so 80’s horror.

  • mattythecookie

    My favorite has got to be the first time you encounter the regenerators in RE4. I’ve never been that scared to advance forward in a video game in a long time! Can’t wait to enjoy RE6

  • ThirteenAcresOfHell

    By far my favorite moment was the boss battle with the fish monster in Resident Evil 4. Holy mother of god did that shit scare me, something about having to fend off a monster while stuck in the middle of a lake is just terrifying.

  • A-Devils-Reject

    Hands down the dog jumping through the window in the original. Only time I’ve ever jumped from a video game.

  • bornvillain

    Favorite moment from the Resident Evil games has to be from RE2. The part when you are first starting to explore the police station and the zombie arms bust through the walls. So terrifying!

  • yo_tonka

    The beginning of RE2…. A great look at a new zombie world at the time!

  • I’ve played some of resident evil and I love it I just don’t have the cash to buy it lol but I think my fav is resident evil 2 cuz I played it as a kid and it scared me so bad lol and I think so far my fav creature was the alligator in Re2, but resident evil 4 was also a great game and If you couldn’t tell Leon is my favorite character 🙂

  • playback.delete.rewind

    I really liked when RE:4 was ported to the PC, Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, and Ipad. After being a Gamecube exclusive of course.
    My favorite moment was choosing the chainsaw sisters in RE:4. Just the fact that while you were dealing with one and then the other could come up behind you and cut off your head so brutally was fucking awesome.

  • thedylanator

    I can’t remember the name of the actual creature but I think the most memorable creature for me was the first time you saw the lickers in RE 2. Still one of my favorite monster designs, so damn creepy looking.

  • Dying_Fetus

    My favorite part of RE6 is the return of Leon and the addition of Jake (Wesker’s son) I loved playing as Leon in RE4 and I’ve always been interested in Albert Wesker and since his death in RE5 it was great to see his own flesh and blood make an appearance. Another side note, my favorite character in the series has to be the NPC Merchant. He’s such a mysterious person and back when he was still alive, my grandfather always got a kick out of it when he said, “What’re ya sellin’?” or “Not enough cash, Stranger!”

    • huntermc

      “I’ll buy it at a high price!”

      I loved the merchant, too. I wish they would have brought him back in RE 5 & 6. Maybe even put him in as a playable bonus character somewhere, with his own mission that shows how he always gets from one area to the next.

      I also love the split-screen multiplayer option in 5 & 6. My daughter and I have spent countless hours playing and replaying 5, and are now working on 6.

  • Jason Brost

    My favorite level is the shark tanks from the first one

  • theoceanswillbeasblood

    sadly – I have never played any of the Resident Evil games. Watched others play. I guess I’m just a Left 4 Dead guy. Love Milla Jovovich’s legs though, and I’ve watched all the movies. Does that help my case? probably not.


  • scott.leffingwell

    I think that Nemesis from Resident Evil 3 was a great opponent, but the re-generators from Resident Evil 4 were insane. When I ran into the first one, It freaked me out so much that I stopped playing the game for around two weeks! And when I started playing again, I had to keep the lights on when I faced them.

  • friscomacae

    The first time the licker shows up in Resident Evil 2. The blood drips down and Leon looks up and there is that nasty son of a bitch. Great moment from my childhood.

  • sixxer

    I would have to say my most hated/favorite creature or creatures in the RE series would be the leech covered people. Bastards would pop up in whatever room you were in, especially in RE: Outbreak following you through the hospital. Hard to kill in the games, and just damn cool.

  • krazEkid

    My favorite part of the Resident Evil franchise is located in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The part where you walk through the gate towards raccoon city police department and Nemesis jumps down in front of Brad and than picks him up than rips a hole from his mouth to the back of his head! So gruesome but so awesome! I love The franchise so much that i dedicated my whole right leg under my knee to resident evil, i have a total of 8 characters/creatures from the franchise so far!

  • Jeff Dominguez

    the tyrant was my favorite villain, not only because he looked awesome but because he kept me busy for about a week trying to beat it.

  • spydr36

    I actually like Resident Evil: Dead Aim, dont think to many played it, and it was the better of the RE survivor series. If I had to pick a boss from any game its William Birkins g-virus transformation in RE2.

  • PaulTheHuman

    Damn. My absolute favourite moment WAS when the virus infected dogs jumped through the stained glass windows and it had to be mentioned as an example already. 🙁 Atleast I am honest, lol. That was the first time I had ever played any horror game, let alone Resident Evil in all of it’s original glory, with surround sound. When the sound of the glass being smashed came out of my speakers I jumped worse than I ever did for any film and nearly got killed by the dogs due to almost dropping my controller. From that moment I was hooked on all things Umbrella.

  • Martin.Tuneman.Dalcourt

    My favorite vilians in Resident evil 4 would have to be the Garrador or the Bella Sisters – hard to kill and downright awesome. In Resident evil 5 I’d have to say it was a toss up between the Executioner Majini & the chainsaw majini… just awesome and hard as hell to kill! Great game series and can’t wait to play part 6!

  • jwolfe2441

    I remember getting resident evil 4 for my birthday and spending the whole weekend playing it, i remember loving how the wolf you save made an appearance to aid you in your battle with the giant and the regenerators of course!

  • Kenjis Ghost

    My fav memory of Resident Evil EASILY is when you were walking down the hallway in RE2 after finishing the lighter puzzle and Mr. X smashed through the wall. I physically almost had a heart attack when that girst happened. It was awesome and thats why number 2 is my fav game of the series 😀

  • jasonleihowden

    Chainsaw Ganado from Resident Evil 4, definitely! I use to get killed on purpose just to see the death animation.


    My favorite monster scene from the Resident Evil series was back on the Gamecube remake of the first game–probably the last real, gritty survival-horror title in the series. The moment I remember most vividly was when Jill (my fav. character) entered a room and a giant Arachnophobia-inducing spider crawled down the wall to block the door. Remember, this was back when there were no quick turn-arounds, so the quickest option was to run!

  • HouroftheWolf

    Favorite memory: Seeing the shopkeep from the gun store being attacked by some ravenous zombies in the beginning of RESIDENT EVIL 2 (Nintendo 64).

  • JasonJacktheRipper

    My personal favorite was Resident Evil 2. Getting the crap scared out of me every few minutes while trying to figure out the god forsaken puzzles. The part that stuck with me the most is when you’re walking down the hall and you get to meet the awesomeness of the LICKER. That damned thing always got my adrenaline going bad

  • Pmeaney65

    Favorite memory: Playing the first game as a kid in my dad’s firehouse and never getting past the first zombie. I always picked Chris and just simply couldn’t master the controls; I was killed every time but never the less fell in love with the game after seeing the zombie turn around from the dead body that first time. I would stare at the guide book for hours and constantly replay that first part over and over again just to see the zombie turn around. That one part was what started my love for the horror genre in general.

  • fhernandezy8

    My favorite part of Resident Evil 6 are big fat dudes that chase you around and shake tge bridges in the underground level. My favorite of all time is destroying the crocodile with the gas tank in Resident Evil 2.

  • KingJamesRichard

    Three simple words: MASTER OF UNLOCKING.

  • andy ryuu

    The absolute scariest thing about resident evil are the voice actors in the first game. “Don’t .open.that.dooooor!” Hahaha…I’m a big fan of the franchise, ill even pretend to like the last movie just to protect its integrity. As far as villians, its a tie between weker and the original tyrant.

  • PMT1002

    Police station in RE 2…. Freaking awesome!!!

  • andy ryuu

    Ha….glad the nemesis is mentioned….I still have panic disorders from that fucker!!!!

  • BornVillian

    I’ve yet to play RE6 so picking a moment from the other games is going to be hard because I love them all. There are many classic “jump” moments that I will never forget in RE history. The classic dogs through the windows in Re or the zombie arms breaking through the wood blocked windows in RE2; but for me the biggest shock came in RE4. I remember being so excited to play it because of the graphic improvements and just in general it seemed like the games had reached the next set. So my moment in RE4 is the first time you get decapitated by Dr. Salvador aka the chainsaw guy. For the first time my jaw dropped in shock and I was at loss of words. I wasn’t expecting that to happen at all or at least it not being that graphic. Being that this happens only around 15 mins in I was excited for the rest of the game going forward. It set the perfect tone. And I love how when it happens it isn’t a clean slice. The chainsaw digs in for a sec before going all the way through.

    Bonus moment: Same thing but with the double chainsaw wielding Super Salvador in Mercenaries mode. This is the guy that just slices you like your a thin tissue paper. Your head just flies off like it was hanging on my a string. Again the first time this happened I was in shock and joy.

  • Fianna

    The scene I will always remember is a scene of RE2. Claire appears and explains: “My name is Claire…Claire Redfield. I’m looking for my brother Chris.” I don’t know why, but I never forgot this line. And every time I’m talking to someone about the game or Claire appears anywhere, this line comes to mind. I also like the first time we all met Leon. Big fan of Mr. Kennedy. 🙂

  • Sirengx

    I loved RE6, and my fiancee laughs at me because I still swoon over Leon. Though, in RE6 I was amazed on how much I loved his portion of the game. However, the Jake/Sherry missions were my favorite.

  • alex5523

    what made me fall in love to the game, RE 2 in the police station, the hands of the zombies trying to grab you, or the first time you see the city in flames, cars destroyed everything to immerse you in the world, awesome memories.

  • AndrewSoukup24

    Well being a true RE fan since the first one came out for PS1 I would have to say Barry Burton from RE1….His lines are classic and even when I watch youtube vidoes or actually play the game its always great to hear soem classic Barry dialouge.

  • Phantasmaniac

    Resi Evil 4 the 1st time the chainsaw maniac cut off Leons head. So awesome, actually just bought the HD version from XBLA and playing through it again, 3rd tome I’ve bought this damn game.

  • MystV

    Haven’t played RE6 so I’ll have to say the dog jumping through the window until RE6 gets a chance to scare me!

  • tisbored

    I have not played RE6. But back in the day on the PlayStation one, I unlocked Hunk after finding out from a friend. This lead me to wonder who else was in Raccoon city at the time.

  • sickmachine87

    the first time I played resident evil I have been in elementary school my uncle had gotten a copy for his sega Saturn I had absolutely no idea what this game was about and after that first zombie scene I was hooked on the whole series as well as survival horror video games ; )

    “It’s Kenneth from STARS Bravo Team. Now he’s become a mere shadow of his former self.”

  • Send-More-Cops

    I have a lot of fond memories tied into this series. The Director’s Cut was the first game I got with my Playstation at Christmas way back when, and it very much served as a catalyst to reawaken my interest in all things horror and–specifically–zombie-related. There was something I can’t quite put to words about walking into a blood-streaked hallway on the second floor, the music slow-swelling, and finding my way to a rotting balcony and the bird-pecked corpse of poor Forrest. I played the hell out of that game, spending so many late hours plunging into yellow tinted hallways, overgrown courtyards, and eventually the cold cobalt underground facility, remembering the mansion’s layout by heart. Then the sequel arrived, and though I had so loved the aesthetic and the claustrophobic closeness of the Spenser Mansion, my mind reeled at the enormity of the burning streets and its staggering herds of undead. I recall finally making it to the police station, where the camera took over and panned up to drink it all in, and feeling oddly boxed in in such a large place. The narrow hallways thereafter, with the boarded windows (and the intermittent jump-scares of hands breaking through them), really gave me my first (and even to this day, one of the strongest) impressions of what it might be like to live in a zombie apocalypse. I burned through Nemesis, Survivor, and Code Veronica and enjoyed them all quite well, but I felt like something was missing. Then in a capricious turn, Resident Evil 4 dropped like an atom bomb in a week where I was sick and confined to my room with nothing to do but play. And play I did. I was awestruck from the opening cinematic, to the descent into the fog-swallowed village, the frantic first fight with Los Ganados and–particularly–Dr. Salvador and his chainsaw. I played that game from start to finish twenty three times, and I loved every second of it. While I enjoyed Resident Evil 5, it didn’t quite do it for me as much, though it was not without moments of its own. I’m looking forward to playing Resident Evil 6 in the coming weeks when I return home to the US (as well as Revelations, which I’ve heard is nothing short of fantastic…not so much Operation Raccoon City, though), and I’m eager to see what moments this game has to offer to the already impressive pantheon that the series has built for me.

  • cupcake58

    I would have to say the best creatures are the “Lickers”. They are quiet, except sometimes you can hear the sounds of their claws scraping on the floor, walls or ceilings. They are really great hunters as they can be anywhere. They have these really dangerous long tongues that can take your head right off. The only way to kill them is to use a weapon that has very little sound as you don’t want to make any noise and bring more of these creatures to where you are. Because they don’t make a lot of noise in the game, they can really give you a good “jump” when they ambush you.

  • marshallvv

    I loved the flying bug thing in the desert on Resident Evil 5! Took me about an hour to kill it but I like a good challenge!

  • Daniel Deyo

    Ahhhh. You already said mine. The dog has to be the icon that stands out in this Game/Franchise. I know its been played out at this point but its still cool. Every time I see a skinned dog I cant help but get the urge to play some Resident Evil.

  • Googopqp

    My favorite thing about the Resident Evil franchise of games was the battle in number 3 where you are posioned and can’t see your health bar and still gotta fight Nemesis. I played this on the hardest difficulty the first time I played the game and nearly broke the controller to beat it lol. I had like no ammo and it really took my brain to figure out how to use it all effectively and I just loved that.
    In Resident Evil 6 my favorite part so far is the invisible snake battle on Chris Redfield’s story, that was well done and a really cool boss fight.

  • Beelzebubba

    My favorite is the first game throughout. The horror climate has never been matched since that game.

  • claytonofthedead

    One of the best moment in the resident evil series is when you first see a zombie eating your fallen comrade then slowly turning towards you(which still holds a big part of my heart)… But favorite is probable after you beat the RE remake on Gamecube that zombie covered grenades, run for your life!

  • purplek

    The Chainsaw dude with the burlap sack in RE4’s Mercenary Mode! That guy was so scary and damn near impossible to kill! I can picture it so vividly in my mind me hearing his chainsaw while I’m caught up messing with the other enemies and then he pops up out of nowhere. The more I play RE games I learn where enemies are and it’s not scary anymore. Except for that guy!

    • purplek

      And I haven’t had the privilege to play number six yet 🙁

  • Jadedangel

    I loved (still love since I actually still own it) the original Resident Evil for the PS2! It was the first horror game I ever played and I fell in love with the genre instantly. Even though I have played the other Resident Evil games, nothing compares to the first time! I loved how you could chose to play a bad ass chick or the guy! Most games you just have a guy as the main character. I also loved how the game had 4 different endings depending on what you did within the game, that made the replay value great and you even got a little treat at the beginning of the new walk through.

  • rogueface

    Ashley Graham from RE4, because I love making people hide in dumpsters.

    • youvegotredonyou

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! love it!

      • Laugh Riot

        my story isnt long but boy its awfully sad


    I know Resident Evil 4 was a classic but Resident Evil 5 was my favorite, played co op with my fiancee and we had a blast! I would love to win a new copy of Resident Evil 6 so I dont have to buy 2 copies to play co op with her again.

  • divisionbell

    For me the greatest creature/moment in the entire series was the rooftop fight against the Tyrant in the original. Nothing will ever beat the rush of running to grab the rocket launcher and whipping around just in time to shoot the Tyrant dead. So classic!!

  • mbuster1

    I love me some giant monsters, and my vote for favorite moment comes from Resident Evil 4. The first time you see the massive Del Lago break the surface of the lake! Holy crap! He was a little easy to finish off, but the scale really set the stage for a very different RE experience! I haven’t played 6, but I pray it has some big bad monsters in it!

  • Desireeblood

    I like the “survival horror” of the game. The sticky situations you get into and how fun it is to try and get out of them. My favorite enemy (RE4) is Verdugo. Those eyes and inhuman face. eep. (shivers) & I also love chapters 3 & 4 of the game. Super excited for RE6! WOULD LOVE TO HAVE IT!!

  • xxaaxxmoore

    I haven’t played resident evil 6 but I want to play it so bad!! I think the part that scare me the most was in the island of resident evil 4 the part I entered to surgical ward and the “Iron Maiden” wakes up! Definitely resident evil 4 is my favorite game of the franchise so far, Leon´s sarcasm is fantastic. I bet in resident evil 6 is way better!

  • eibbor82

    The first time I remember being amazed at this series was while playing the remake of the original Resident Evil on Gamecube. The controls, visual aesthetic, engaging story and abundant of scares quickly made it one of my favorite games. Though not much an apparent challenge, the Crimson Head zombies in the game were my favorite enemies. The shock of seeing them come back to “life” and run after my character was a true rush of fear. Also not knowing when exactly they would spring up after me made crossing their paths that much more nerve racking. Their growls after coming to life and stomp of their feet on the floor of the mansion as they chased me would cause me to nearly break the controller as I attempted to flee. Even upon playing the game recently those breed of zombies still give me a shiver.

  • xXTheDaymanXx

    There are so many. Perhaps though, the biggest shock Resident Evil ever delivered to me came after I initially beat RE 2 with Leon and then put in Claire’s disk to boot it up and learn that I basically got an entirely new campaign complete with the precursor to the nemesis – The Tyrant. It was amazing and I think encapsulated the overarching narratives better than RE6 did. But I still loved RE6.


    I know that this isn’t the favorite RE game of many,but I really enjoyed the opening scene in Resident Evil 5 where everything just goes haywire. You JUST started this game, your partner and you only have have handguns and very limited ammo. But you have to run and gun, don’t get killed, all while having just started this new story and barely having any weapons on you. I played it on Veteran; it was quite intense.

  • miradotheblack

    I loved the scene it shows when you first come across the licker. Crawling across the ceiling, I was freaked the hell out. Speaking of resident evil, I was in a mexican restaurant, and the waiter was telling me about how him and his friends played resident evil 2. He said it took them six months to beat it because no one knew any english. Damn, that was dedication.

  • sgt.zombie_pepper

    I grew up playing the RE series with my dad. We started with RE:3 nemesis when i was in the 6th grade, and it prob consists of my favorite memory of any RE game.
    In RE:3 nemesis, there’s the part where you first get to the police station and you make your way upstairs to get the bazooka or a lame gun in the cabinet. Then as you make your way down the stairs and cross the window, Nemesis breaks through the window and my dad and I both jumped back and start screaming and freaking out with the controller trying to run away. LOL. Seriously, I have never heard my dad scream until that point of my life.
    Haven’t been able to play RE:6 since I’m in college, and I can barely afford to eat…mmmm ramen every meal of the day! it’s literally the only game in the RE series I have yet to play…. 🙁

  • ThunderDragoon

    My favorite enemy is definitely Nemesis. He’s so badass. And the moment that creeped me out most in the series was when we see the Licker run past the window right before we encounter him in the next room in RE2. I literally froze. I love this series so much and I’m hoping to play RE6 soon.

  • chris99x

    I adore all of the games, but one of my favorite moments in the series actually happened in RE Outbreak. On the last mission, I walked down to the docks just in time to witness Yoko being snapped up by a shark. Perhaps it was the fact that it was nearly 4 am and I was probably delirious, but my friend and I could not stop laughing. The timing was perfect. Not my favorite game in the series, but that moment weirdly summed up just how I felt about these games I hold dear to my heart.

  • chubbystorm

    There are so many favorite moments that it would take to long to type them all out. Though i was just talking to some friends the other day and i told them that at the end of RE3 when they are taking off in the chopper and you see the missile blasting to the middle of town and exploding. That to me was an epic moment, i mean seeing the town destoried was sad caz you spent three games there. You lived their lives and fought the horror and now its gone and hoped it was over. Then finding out Chris is the pilot just made it a better ending.

  • ManicShadow

    My favorite creatures have to be the Regenerators in RE4. The music that plays when they see you, the weird breathing sounds they make, and the fact that they fling themselves at you when you shoot their legs off. Bricks are guaranteed to be shat.

  • Forturax

    My favorite part of any of the games took place in Resident evil 3. It wasn’t a certain scene, but rather a weapon. FREEZE ROUNDS for the grenade launcher! Freezing zombies? Why not?! It’s upsetting that RE3 was the only game to include this marvelous idea.

  • 2nahelper

    My favorite moment in any RE game was whenever Nemesis would chase you between rooms in the 3rd game. You had to completely rethink your approach in how you played that game compared to the first 2.

  • 2nahelper

    Actually, now that I think about it, the gallery in the very first game is my favorite moment. Walking in, and seeing nothing but those crows looking down on your character made me think, “Oh, SHIT, I better get whatever I need to do in this room right”.

  • tkolek

    I havent played RE6 yet, but I definitely think that the first Crimson Head I met in the remake of the original game for Gamecube freaked me out. I had no idea they existed and I couldnt believe how fast and strong it was. I freaked out and was killed.

  • alienxphile

    Those f-ing crows! F-ing annoying, creepy bastards.

  • Ultrazilla

    My favorite creature is from RE2, and is known as either the T-00 or Mr. X. He’s the hulking bald, stone faced dude in the trench coat that is basically a prototype for RE3’s Nemesis. So creepy and awesome at the same time!

    Scariest character is Ashley from RE4 though…so annoying! I remember when I had to help her over a fence, and Leon looks up and she screams at him for looking up her skirt…!!! Girl please, as if I want to look at your nasty V-virus!

  • EvilDead-Deuce

    RE3’s Nemesis still brings chills to my dark and stormy heart. The first game I can ever remember that built up so much drama and suspense for a final “boss.”

  • Joey_Redballs

    My favorite ongoing character is Albert Wesker, despite the hair color continuity. I’m very interested in the character of his son (or clone maybe?) in the new RE 6. My favorite monster, that’s hard to say. The flooded basement shark and baby sharks from RE 1 were great as were “The Fly” characters, complete with maggots. The original Tyrant’s beating heart had my heart beating. RE2’s lickers were great; Birkin and “Mr. Grey” were both fun. I actually liked RE3’s Nemesis. RE4 & RE 5’s “bagheads” are both great. I can’t forget RE 4’s dogs\wolves that were basically rip-offs from The Thing (if you’re gonna steal; steal from the best!) My favorite line from all RE games? Barry from RE1: “You were almost a Jill sandwich!”

  • claytonofthedead

    Wait I think I changed my mind! My favorite part in the resident evil series is when you first encounter a licker. That freaked me out in a good way!

  • SkullBunnie

    The Music and atmosphere from Resident Evil 2 has never been matched. I can’t wait until the Resident Evil Games transition back to a creepier feeling with less action movie asthetics.

  • bellazombirella

    For me it was RE3… I HATED Nemesis! I would freak out every time I heard him say “STAAAARRRSSSS”… I never knew when he was going to pop up and kill me! Certainly made the game very tense.

  • The hands down scariest moment for me was in RE3: Nemesis, running through the police station, and having the Nemesis crash through the window as you are going up the stairs. Every time I heard “Starrrrssssssss”, uttered in that cryptically eerie manner, I peed my pants just a little, and the tension in the room made me want to drop the controller and hide in my closet. Luckily, I remembered it was just a game, but it didn’t make the experience any less harrowing.

  • TkMeToYrLdr

    RES 4, the first time you encounter one of the villagers with the chainsaws. I panic and die EVERY time I play the section.

  • aus10

    My fave was the opening cutscene of RE1. Classic horror feel.

  • joelisadinosaur

    I always thought the Licker was scary as balls. And Nemesis always frightened me too. Great games.

  • The-Thing-in-the-Woods

    My favorite thing about RE6 (so far) is how there is something for everyone (the 3 different story modes). If you like fast paced action, you got it. More into the puzzles and creepy atmospheres? Coming right up. I don’t know why the reviews have been so mediocre, I love how they switched it up and yet gave us old fans some of the elements that made the original games so great.

    As for my favorite RE game memory, it would have to be the first time you walk into the Racoon Police Department in Resident Evil 2. I remember getting goosebumps and thinking to myself, “Oh boy, shit’s about to get real!”

  • Blood-Sicles

    The Steve monster from Code Veronica X. Creepy as hell.

  • J-SiN

    So many moments in RE2 to name. The game is filled with so many oh shit moments. The licker was badass.

  • LiamZH

    Definately the dog jumping threw the window in RE1, or walking past bodies on the ground and having them bite your leg!

  • xsilenthillx

    the scariest moment for me in any of the resident evil games has to be the part in resident evil 4 near the middle of the game if i remember correctly when your walking through an old basement when a las plaga comes bursting out of the incinerator on fire grabbing at you. it sort of felt like a new take on the dog jumping through the window scare like in the first.

    the scariest had to have been in four as well when you have to guard ashley while she is opening the door or something for you in the castle while you have to deal with a horde of them. she doesn’t put up a fight or anything or even tries to run. she stands there and lets the guy come up to her put her over his shoulder and dip off.

    the best creature in my opinion is nemesis from resident evil 3. menacing, brutal, unstoppable killing machine. the first time you see nemesis is one of the most memorable moments for me playing through the entire series.

  • xsilenthillx

    i almost forgot to mention these last two. my favorite levels to play in the series have to be:

    re2- playing the campaign through Claire’s point of view
    re4- Ada’s side story and campaign.

  • EvilHead1981

    Something I love about Resident Evil 6? Ada Wong’s ass in tight leather pants!!! Yowzaa!!

  • Daddy-the-Baddy

    with out a doubt when I first encountered the regenerator after jumping in the trash pit. I remember saying to myself OH FUCK as I desperatly tried to line up a shot as he advanced on me. I still dream of his ugly mug…….

  • youvegotredonyou

    With so many RE games, there are too many awesome moments to name! Definitely the regenerators in RE 4 when you walk into the lab for the first time and you hear the breathing. The Nosferatu boss in Code Veronica was amazing, Nemesis was a beast of course (I hate being chased to begin with so it wasn’t fun to be stalked by him), and Mr. X in RE 2 when he busts through the wall after you finished some puzzles. However, it’s those damn dogs in RE 1 that get me EVERY time! I had bought RE: deadly silence when it first came out on the DS and even on the handheld it scared the shit outta me! 😀

  • the_thing_in_the_closet

    my favorite would have to be re4 as i have not been able to play 6 yet, my favorite char in 4 would have to be the chainsaw wiellding Dr. savaldor, he reminded me of jason before the hockey mask,would have been cool if you could shoot the chainsaw out of his hand though.

  • My favorite memory is of resident evil 1 when you return to the mansion and the zombies are replaces by (hunters). It was freaky when they started to shriek and try to slice your head off, while you try to get your shotgun and blow them to pieces. Even the remake for the gamecube was good, they would at times instantly decapitate you.

  • sixxer

    Nice to see someone mention the hunters. When they first show up in the first RE, it was like oh damn, what is coming… but they have always been cool throughout the series, from the originals to the frog-like ones that ate you whole in RE 3, to even the super versions of them and then the ones controlled by Wesker in Code Veronica.

  • My fave is RE3 nemesis,for me tat was the best one they made.

  • MahoganyButcher

    I love resident evil 4, my favorite monster was prolly the troll to fight…awesome game….I have 7 of the nine games so I would love to complete the collection! definately favorite game series ever!!!

  • legendofganon

    You know what I love? The Resident Evil Remake! Lisa Trevor was one of the creepiest and most heartbreaking enemies in the whole series. I still love those gamecube graphics even to this day.

    Also, Resident Evil 4’s Regenerators CREEPED ME OUT! THAT BREATHING! OMG! *Shudders*

  • HMH

    Pretty much all of Resident Evil 2. I just love that game. I still play it now. I do speed runs. I love the 4th Survivor when you get to play as HUNK.

  • marquisdesade07

    never played any Resident Evil game. maybe I will star soon

  • I remember sitting in my best friend’s bedroom around 1am and we had all the lights off. We had the first Resident Evil hot off the presses in our dandy Playstation system. I was upstairs in the mansion and a zombie attacked me for the first time, it came off screen and I had no idea it was there. Scared me to death and brought a big ole’ smile to my face!

  • Haven’t played Resident Evil 6 yet but I’m dying to! My favorite moment is the part with Neptune in the Resident Evil Gamecube remake.

  • PatrickxJonathan

    I haven’t played RE6 yet which is why I’m entering this. BUT, my favorite past RE experience was when I was about 13 years old, I remember playing RE2 for hours straight on my Dreamcast, I was horrified. My favorite part is sort of random, but the giant crocodile in the sewer was always one of my favorite parts/enemies,


    My favorite character out of any RE game has to be nemesis from RE3 (which also happens to be the favorite game) because the first time you see him he drives a fuckin tentacle through a dudes face and the subsequent fights with him were always challenging (on hard anyways) and they even made him look cool and perfect in the movie. So bottom line Deadpool supports the nemesis brand of pwning bitches!

  • JRisner

    I have a number of fond memories with the Resident Evil games. I’ve been with them from the beginning…and I find myself at odds with many “hardcore” fans in that I actually like the way the series has evolved. But that’s neither here nor there.

    If I had to pick a favorite moment with Resident Evil it would have to go to one particular instant in Resident Evil 5. In the final battle with Wesker – after Chris heroically punches a rock into lava…You retreat back to the center of the “arena”. At this point, Wesker gives up his pursuit of Sheva and jumps onto the arena with you promptly yelling “Chriiis!” I was in college the first time I beat that game. My roommate had never played the series at all. My name also happens to be Chris. So when Wesker jumped up onto that floating rock and called my name, the look my roommate gave me was priceless. He didn’t say it, but his eyes did. “Really? *Really*?” – With a “What?” I raised my brow and explained that I did not in fact name the character after myself. And I promptly had to give him the backstory on the entire series. Nothing creepy about it. Just a good laugh.

    Now, with Resident Evil 6…first I have to clarify that I’m the type that plays through a game alone first. Always have been. The first campaign I played through was Leon’s. At one particular point in the first chapter, you push a large crate onto a car setting off the alarm and jump off a bus. When you do a car shines it’s lights at you before quickly taking off in reverse. A good little scare for those unawares. Well…knowing what was coming, I let a friend of mine jump off first. The car lights come on and he screams. I get a good laugh and take off around him, intent on leaving him there. Unfortunately, I forgot that moments later an ambulance – if I recall correctly – bursts down the street…and in a sweet, awkward moment of Karmic justice, I get run over. Good times.

  • Jesse

    One game that I will never ever forget playing is Resident Evil: Nemesis. So many memorable parts in that game but one that really “jumps out” at me is a part I will never forget. I was playing it alone one day and was walking around the police station. Than when Nemesis jumped through the window as I neared the bottom of the stairs I almost shit my pants. One of the scariest video game moments I’ve encountered haha. That whole game rules. I am really looking forward to getting Resident Evil 6. Already putting some money away for it, unless I win it here! Staarsss.

  • crow454

    I am commenting to win. Now give me.

  • SW1134

    Not a favorite memory, but a memory of playing RE. The most stand out memory is playing RE2 on my PSX, getting as far as the flooded room with the big alligator, and having the console crash on me. I reloaded, got to the same point, and crash again. To this day I still havn’t made it past that point. Truly HORRORible!

  • canneryrowdoc

    My favorite parts of the Resident Evil series will always come from the 1st game. The whole lock pick/ master of unlocking conversation? The “I hope this is not Chris’ blood” moment. Pants shittingly akwardly funny. Then the next moment you’re getting pants shittingly scared by zombie dobermans bursting through glass! That’s what they need to recapture. RE4 did it pretty well.

  • ryeis1

    My favorite enemies where the tarantulas from RE1. Not much to look at today, but back then they were a sight to behold!I remember calling my best friend and shouting HOLY SHIT! You have to come over and see this!

  • Trioxin83

    My favorite RE memory is from RE2 when you are walking down that corridor in the police station and a cut scene takes over and you see a Licker for the first time. I ran.

  • hans_brix

    Getting decapitated by a chainsaw wielding madman in RE4 was probably the most jaw dropping moment for me in the series.

    • Jonathan Smith

      yea that was so awesome

  • hibbleshibble

    I think one of the scarier moments comes from the Remake of Resident Evil 1 where you meet Lisa for the first time. Or the first encounter with a Crimson Head. You aren’t used to the fast-moving ones when all you got is those stumbling flesh-eaters taking their sweet time.

  • eyes_only510

    Being able to upgrade each weapon making them more powerful is what i miss and needs to be added back to the games

  • KnightOfTears

    For me it had to be those damn dogs jumping through the window in the first Resident Evil. It was my first time ever playing it and I liked to play games in the dark with the volume up….didn’t do that again for awhile.


    In the first game while exploring the mansion you venture off into a side bedroom and find Keeper’s Diary. As you read the diary it continues to wind down into shorter and shorter entries, leaving you with the final entry being Itchy. Tasty. When you exit the diary a zombie pops out from the closet. To this day it is my favorite part in any video game.

  • UhMilhouse

    My favorite part of the Resident Evil series is the entire mansion from the original game. I’ll always remember my nerves being racked as I explored each new room and hallway, not knowing if a zombie or other monster was going to jump out. The sound of the character’s footsteps on the wooden and cement floors, and the eerie quality when a room was silent with no background music are particular good memories.

  • turtlenipple

    My favorite is those hulking Vows that crashed through the walls as you went through RCPD again. It absolutely terrified Me. Also, the way they were just dropped from the sky was really cool.

  • chewbacca4me

    I have a certain affinity for the Colmillos, the Las Plagas infected dogs in Resident Evil 4. The gruesome way that the tentacles burst out of their backs reminds me of the brutal husky/alien transformation scene in John Carpenter’s ‘The Thing’ which is a fantastic sci-fi/horror hybrid movie and a favorite of mine. The Colmillos mouths also were freakishly large, literally split open from ear to ear, filled with large, spiky fangs! That creeped me out. The Dr. Salvador (Chainsaw Ganado) from Resident Evil 4 scared me because he was so strong and relentless and hard to kill. And, he wore that creepy burlap sack over his head which reminded me of Jason from Friday the 13th Part 2. Even scarier was the Super Salvador, a horrifying variant of the regular Dr. Salvador (but imagine him on steroids!). I found him in the Resident Evil 4 minigame ‘The Mercenaries.’ He fought with 2 chainsaws stuck together and he could jump really high and was incredibly fast with his chainsaw swings and could decapitate you in a single slash! The chainsaw wielding Bella Sisters from Resident Evil 4 also freaked me out because of their bandaged faces and their freaky barks and screams. So, yeah, any monster with a creepy sack or bandages hiding its face running at you with a chainsaw (or dual chainsaws!), shrieking like mad, completely intent on lopping your head off is largely the stuff of my nightmares!

  • Madstand

    I haven’t played 6 yet so I’ll have to go with a past RE game. Favorite thing would have to be the design of the story of Res Evil 2. Having 2 paths that could be played 2 different ways was a great idea. I loved how even though both characters could take the same scenario the experience was different for them. So basically you had 4 unique campaigns. Really made it worth playing through all 4 times.

  • lennon89

    In Resident Evil Afterlife, the use of slow motion, cgi and kicking to convey Milla Jovovitch’s emotive range….yeah, or actually now that i think about it in RE:2 when the Licker is introduced in the RPD building!


    My fav. RE . First one. The dark corners, music and not knowing what to expect. Now thats a game. I have played all the others since them and they all bring diffrent elements into the game. The series is by far the best in gaming.

  • Montresor

    The first Resident Evil definitely was the first scary game I ever played. It was also the first game that I could play single player and have a room full of people watching me play. The dogs jumping out the windows in the hall was definitely a scream for the ladies and a great game. It wasn’t until Bioshock that I found that same level of game that I couldn’t play alone at night.

  • You know what terrified me most recently? RE:Revelations! Having Rachel follow you around throughout the ship, and barely having enough ammo to take her down! Seriously, the most terrifying experience this side of Ashley being kidnapped in RE4.

  • statik107

    The first time you arrive in the village in RE4 and you have the whole town coming after you was frightening. The chainsaw weilding maniacs were scary as hell…

  • joethulhu

    This series has gone on a long time and had a lot of great moments, but my favorite is still that first time you encounter a zombie. The sounds of him eating, and then the slow turn where he looks at you with his dead eyes and bloody mouth – then the frantic run out of the hallway as he slowly stands and turns to face you.

    It doesn’t get better than that.

  • CaptainCoffee

    I know a few people have mentioned it already, but the fish boss in RE4 was the scariest moment in the game, hands down. I’ve got a bit of a paranoia of water in general (Vash’jir in WoW terrified me, don’t laugh), but when the thing submerged and you had no idea where it was coming from… there should be more fish bosses in RE.

  • shadowsfury

    Id have to say besides the dog through the window bit, the lickers were one of the scariest monsters in the game series-when they were in a pack. The noises they made ;–;

  • Douglas

    It was probably a combination of being very young and having a thing for spiders, but all the sewer chases in RE2 scrambling to get away from those 8 legged bastards always got me pumped up.

  • Laugh Riot

    Thinking about it the whole story just pulls me in. A powerful corporation pushing the limits of science for bio warfare to sell to the top bidder. Then the worst possible thing happens the whole facility becomes contaminated releasing everything. Nobody could stop it ground zero then full outbreak throughout Raccoon City it took 4 to 8 games alone to cover the whole origin to the final moments when the city got bombed. I like the new games but to me Raccoon City and the labs around it and even under it were awesome. Playing as all the different characters seeing things from their perspectives, finding all sorts of evidence pointing back to Umbrella , running throughout one area just to find pieces to puzzles and keys to doors not to mention all the frigging Zombies and B.O.W.s your riddling with holes if not running from. All the boss fights against giant snakes, tyrants, g virus ridden Birkin, Nemesis and all the rest i lost count of how many times these bastards put me 6 feet under. I usually ended up tapped out of ammo by the time I got to those fights. It was always fun no matter how many times “I DIED”.

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