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‘Black Ops II’s’ Nuketown 2025 Map Is Da Bomb! Literally.

Nuketown was definitely the favorite map in the original Black Ops. Whenever it popped up in voting, I never saw it get voted down, or for new map choices. If you check out the video past the break you can see the pre-order exclusive map Nuketown 2025 trailer for Black Ops II. It looks AMAZING. The map looks more like a neighborhood street rather than just 2 houses. And it still has that awesome classic look to it. Check it out, and don’t forget if you want the map you have to pre-order the game before its November 13th release.

  • Adam Dodd

    What was the map everyone hated? Because that’s MY favorite map. That’s right, I’m a hipster COD player. Deal with it.

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      I bet you’ve already played Blops II. Fkin hipster.

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