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Rihanna Is Charging How Much For A Deluxe Edition Of ‘Unapologetic’?!?!

Singer Rihanna is about to embark on a short tour of seven shows in seven countries in seven days. Entitled the “777” Tour, no specific dates or venues have been announced. All shows are said to be very intimate and the only confirmed location is that a performance will occur in the U.K.

At the same time, Rihanna has announced that her seventh studio album Unapologetic, which comes out Nov. 16th, will have a super limited edition that ships Dec. 11th. Called the “Diamonds Executive Platinum Box”, the set contains all sorts of goodies that cost the manufacturer probably pennies to the dollar, if that. Wanna know how much it costs? How about a cool $250. Allow me to present to you my face when I heard that news:

Are you freakin’ kidding me?!?! Who the hell has that kind of money to drop on a ton of stuff that they will never use, never appreciate and never want again? It comes with a t-shirt? I’ll buy one off EBay for $5. It comes with a 2GB flash drive? I’ll buy one for $.99 at Office Depot!! It comes with a ton of pictures and stickers? Oh gee, let me buy some frames so I can hang all these photos on my walls to show how dedicated of a fan I am while putting the stickers on my Rihanna fan journal (end sarcasm).

This is absolutely absurd. Devin Townsend released a limited edition 4DVD/5CD box set for $50. FIFTY DOLLARS! And you better believe that limited edition boxset sold out REAL fast! Oh, did I mention that it came with a limited edition 7″ and it was autographed with a certificate of authenticity? Keep in mind that there is not a single thing in Rihanna’s boxset that is signed personally by her. They took things she wrote, copied them a ton of times and act as if it’s rare. Shameful. Utterly shameful.

Full details of the boxset can be found here.

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  • EvanDickson

    I’m not sure if it’s shameful. I feel like the pricing is some kind of performance art.

  • JonathanBarkan

    I would cautiously agree that it was performance art were this from Lady Gaga or Beyonce. But Rihanna doesn’t do performance art, at least not what I’ve seen. She dances, she sings, and that’s really about it. She’s definitely the most “human” of the three.

  • Milk

    Limited edition shit always seems absurdly overpriced to people that aren’t a fanboy of that particular release. I know d3 had a collectors edition for around $200 and that game was absolute garbage. However I’m sure the people that are diehard fans thought it was a super awesome deal to get some soundtrack and behind the scenes crap that no one else gives a fuck about. I’m guessing people that absolutely love rihanna will buy this and be happy as pigs in shit. You don’t have to buy the super diamond epic set to get the album so big deal if she wants to milk her die hard fans that are willing to fork over the cash.

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