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[Random Cool] A Guitar Made Out Of An Atari 2600 And FX Pedals

I’m one of those guys who wants his guitar to look relatively “normal”. I don’t go for the spiky, pointy, sharp guitars. Rather, I’m into guitars that show off the wood grain and are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes (maybe one of these days I’ll do a video of my guitar to show you what I’m into). But what you’re about to see below is some unholy abomination of Frankenstein-esque proportions.

cTrix is a musician that embraces the chiptune music style, limiting himself (according to his Facebook profile) to “4 channels, 512k memory, single command list”. In the video below, you can see cTrix explain his “Gatari”, an instrument that uses an actual Atari 2600 as the basis of each track. He pops in a chip that contains the song and then runs the Atari into a joystick to change tracks. Afterwards, the signal continues through three BOSS FX pedals (delay, flange, and EQ) so that he can distort and manipulate the tracks in realtime.

TL;DR – Watch the video for aural insanity.

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