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Chris Brown Deletes Twitter Account After Giving People Even More Of A Reason To Hate Him

Disgusting waste of a human being Chris Brown has deleted his twitter account after a swarm of people descended upon him for more disgusting, misogynistic, abusive behavior.

Here’s the story: Brown tweeted a picture of himself along with the comment, “I look old as fuck! I’m only 23…” to which twitter comedian Jenny Johnson replied, “I know! Being a worthless piece of shit can really age a person!” This sparked off a twitter battle between the two that included Brown stating that he wanted to fart whilst engaging in sexual activities with Johnson as well as “…not shart in your mouth, wanted me to shit right on the retina, …#pinkeye”.

Well, his words got so heated and disgusting that he tried to delete his statements, not wanting his vile words accessible to the public. However, it was already too late in that many websites were reporting on this event along with photos of the exchange. So, what did Brown do next? He deleted his account.

It should be stated that deactivating your account can be undone within 30 days, so he and his 17 million followers might very well be back. But this is a bit of a victory for people who are disgusted with Brown and his complete lack of remorse, his narcissism, his disconnect with reality, and basically a ton of other reasons. So, until he pops back onto the twitterverse, good riddance.

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