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Skylar Grey Feat. Eminem In “C’mon Let Me Ride” Is Just Plain Terrible

Skylar Grey has released a lyric video for her latest song “C’mon Let Me Ride”, which features Detroit rapper Eminem. The song will be available for purchase on Dec. 11th. You can watch a lyric video below.

Aside from the incredibly blatant lyrics (seriously, there is no subtly whatsoever), the lyric video makes it even more abundantly clear that this song is about sex. Instead of writing the lyrics in the form of a bicycle during the chorus, the wheels turn out to be the testicles to a penis and during the part where she sings, “I feel it comin’, comin’, comin’“, the screen splatters with white, semen-esque droplets. Oh, and then Eminem comes in comparing his penis to Godzilla. Yeah.

Is the song catchy? Kinda. Is it going to be a radio hit? Most likely. Should people be incredibly ashamed that this is what passes for popular mainstream tastes? One hundred precent yes.

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  • heaa21

    I made an account here just to let you know you’re a fucking moron. If you researched a little about the song you’d see that Skylar Grey said she made this silly joke song to make fun of all the over-sexual music that is on the radio today.

    Durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I hope they don’t pay you to write articles here.

    • JonathanBarkan

      Let’s say for the sake of argument that you’re 100% right and that it’s a joke. Do you think the target audience for this song will see it as such? There’s a difference between satire and attempting to make fun of something and ending up with simply another addition to the pool. Nowhere in this song is it made clear that this is a joke. People will hear this song on the radio, maybe buy it on iTunes and that will be it. They’re not going to research the greater meaning and satirical nature of it. So, in the end, if she is trying to make a statement against overly sexual songs in the mainstream, she lost.

      • skysky2012

        “Nowhere in this song is it made clear that this is a joke.”

        Oh, I don’t know? Perhaps the part where she says, “I’m only fucking with you, fuck you for thinking it’s true, I’m not like the sluts in this town, they make me -bleh- in my mouth.”? Yeah, maybe LISTEN to the song before you review it. Kay? Bye(:

  • hp121

    Actually it IS evident the song is a satire. The lyrics pretty blatantly scream that it is a joke. They’re not gonna yell at the beginning of the song “Hey guys this song is a joke!” for you to understand it. Yes, a lot of people might miss it and it might end up in the pool of other mainstream songs, but that does not dismiss the song for what it is and it is pretty commendable someone out there is satirizing the garbage that is out today.

  • JonOfTheShred

    Why not focus on music that’s actually HORROR INSPIRED then, instead of bringing up random shit like this Skylar Grey to make fun of?

  • viking1983

    who gives a shit about what music is popular or not just enjoy whatever you want if you dont like a song go listen to something else

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