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Skylar Grey Feat. Eminem In “C’mon Let Me Ride” Is Just Plain Terrible

Skylar Grey has released a lyric video for her latest song “C’mon Let Me Ride”, which features Detroit rapper Eminem. The song will be available for purchase on Dec. 11th. You can watch a lyric video below.

Aside from the incredibly blatant lyrics (seriously, there is no subtly whatsoever), the lyric video makes it even more abundantly clear that this song is about sex. Instead of writing the lyrics in the form of a bicycle during the chorus, the wheels turn out to be the testicles to a penis and during the part where she sings, “I feel it comin’, comin’, comin’“, the screen splatters with white, semen-esque droplets. Oh, and then Eminem comes in comparing his penis to Godzilla. Yeah.

Is the song catchy? Kinda. Is it going to be a radio hit? Most likely. Should people be incredibly ashamed that this is what passes for popular mainstream tastes? One hundred precent yes.

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