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[Random Creepy] Have A Craving For White Chocolate Baby Heads? That’s Weird

If you’ve ever found yourself staring hungrily at the head of a newborn baby, something is wrong with you. Babies don’t taste good, because they’re babies. Now, a white chocolate baby head could be a different story, though I’m not entirely willing to confirm that. White chocolate is delicious, but even my unconditional love for it isn’t enough to get me to take a bite out of a baby head made of it. Maybe I’m weird like that. If you’re brave enough, you should definitely check out these gruesome creations in all their twisted glory after the jump.

These tasty horrors were commissioned by a crazy person and created by the Conjurer’s Kitchen, run by Annabel de Vetten. When Annabel isn’t creating edible nightmares, she’s working as an artist and amateur magician. Her work reminds me of these red velvet lifelike baby cakes I saw a while back that could’ve been created by the same person.

As if that isn’t unsettling enough, here’s a picture of them looking at each other.

Now try and shake the thought that there’s a white chocolate baby head hiding under your bed when you go to sleep at night.

[Gizmodo via Neatorama]

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