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[Boredom Bytes] Three Horror Short Films Made By Bloody Disgusting Readers!

You all are mad talented. I received numerous film submissions after my horror short focused Boredom Bytes from Bloody Disgusting readers, who apparently peruse film sites by day, only to don their director robes at night so they can craft sickeningly awesome short films. Check out the first three I received after the break!

First up is an anti-Twilight film called The Continuum, created by Al Lougher (BD reader mrl72). You won’t find any awkward teen girls or brooding, sparkly vampires in this short.

Next up is a short film titled SÉANCE by Zachary Beckler (BD reader interiormovie). It’s a prologue to Zachary’s feature film, INTERIOR, which will be the first horror feature in 3D Sound. Check it out!

SÉANCE – A Short Horror Film from Zach Beckler on Vimeo.

When I was sixteen I made a horror film called Biohazard. It was a zombie flick, and it was awful. The same cannot be said about this horror short by Shane Pantellas (BD reader Shane-Pantellas). Foundations is a horror thriller that follows three boys who fall prey to a strange, sadistic man. It’s pretty great.

That’s it for this batch! If you’re a filmmaker (aspiring, amateur, or accomplished) and you’d like to share your horror short with us, feel free to email or tweet me a link to your film — and preferably some proof that you created it — so I can showcase your work in a future Boredom Bytes!



  • djblack1313

    SO PRETTY was pretty good! i’m going to watch the other later but i liked that first vid! great job mrl72!!!

  • BabyJaneHudson

    Great idea for a column and wow, well done @mrl72 – clever and very good FX – plus a delightful come-uppance for an ignorant vampire fan. I look forward to sitting down to watch the rest of these tonight.

  • Cichy

    really liked SO PRETTY, good job mrl72

  • Joe-Banger

    So Pretty rocked! Great job mr172!

  • Lycanpureblood

    So Pretty, was AWESOME! Great job, mrl72! Good actors, great storyline and the characters were likeable, Sean & Lisa. I really, hope we see more of clips of SO PRETTY!!

  • What a great way to wake up on a Tuesday morning! Loved all of these. Séance was extremely creepy, looking forward to seeing the feature. So Pretty was awesome. And Foundations is a really nice short – great work guys!

  • NixEclips

    These are all good, but Seance really got me. That lead me to Where Is Alice. Can’t wait for Interior.

    • interiormovie

      Thanks! I can’t wait either.

  • Of the three, “Seance” was my favorite. The visuals really worked, making sure I was creeped the eff out and that I stayed that way.

    “So Pretty” was very well done, but seemed a little forced. The payoff was, in my opinion, almost as cliche as the sparkly vampire stories it was attempting to deride.

    “Foundations” shows promise. For a kid with no budget, working with what I assume are his friends, Shane has put together a film that, to me, worked.

    I’m really gonna dig seeing more from BD readers.

    • interiormovie

      Thanks! It’s great to hear the visuals worked in spite of Vimeo’s encoding limitations…

  • Lionel-Cosgrove

    This shorts showcase is an awesome new addition to the BD site. Can’t wait to see more!

  • I will have to submit my show! Much support to everyone making horror!

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