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Give It A Kickstart: ‘Pariah, Missouri’



Being pitched as Deadwood meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Pariah, Missouri is an original horror/western graphic novel written by Andres Salazar and penciled by Jose Luis Pescador. The book takes place just prior to the Civil War, following the strange paranormal drama that ensues in the town of Pariah, Missouri. Horror western mashups are the next big thing, mark my words.

“Pariah, Missouri” is currently being funded at Kickstarter, having already reached its goal with another 18 days to go. There are loads of goodies to be found in the pledges, so check it out. There’s even a 20-page preview for free on the page. Below you can take a look at the promo video, some preview art work, and more.

Press release:

Ventura, California – November 25, 2012 – Starting off with a bang today is the Pariah, Missouri Graphic Novel Kickstarter campaign. Written by Andres Salazar and Penciler Jose Luis Pescador, Pariah, MO is a western with a supernatural twist. It’s pitched as Deadwood meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Part wild-west historical drama, part supernatural mystery, Pariah is set in 1857 a few years before the Civil War. Considered a team book, we follow Hiram Buchanan an undercover Pinkerton, Nellie a feisty courtesan, Jean a practitioner of vodoo from New Orleans and Toro a Comanche bounty-hunter as they ferret out evil.

“We have a number of stories to tell, and this first one will be four 24 page issues. We were moving away from the issues format, but I felt it helpful to use each issue as an act-break like they do in television. The goal of course will be to have a collection of the entire 4-part story by the summer of 2013. This Kickstarter focuses on issues 1 and 2,” says Andres.

Having worked for Howard Chaykin as an assistant, Andres learned much of the business from his mentor. Andres also wrote and directed SAG short film After Cheri and stated, “I found that I think in graphic terms, so I decided to work out the Pariah, MO story as a graphic novel. It’s much cheaper of course to generate a comic and this is a good way to build a fan-base. We are very excited about our Kickstarter for Pariah, Missouri! It will be an exciting story for the next 30 days to see how we progress through the campaign. I will be posting videos and updates often so backers really get a sense of the “behind the scenes” of what it takes to make a comic book. Please become a part of our team!” andresjsalazar/pariah-missouri-the-graphic-novel


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