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Horror Legend Christopher Lee Releases ‘A Heavy Metal Christmas’

Horror legend Christopher Lee is 90-years old but that doesn’t stop him from being the dictionary definition of the word “badass”. On top of being in some of the greatest horror films of all time, Lee is also a trained singer. So what kind of music does a man of Lee’s stature release? Why, heavy metal of course! With the Charlemagne project, Lee has released two heavy metal albums (check out “The Bloody Verdict of Verden” below).

Now, Lee has released A Heavy Metal Christmas, which features heavy metal versions of the classic Christmas noels “The Little Drummer Boy” and “Silent Night”. You can hear audio samples below or you can snag the songs on iTunes.

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  • Joe-Banger

    Holy Fuck he’s 90 years old and he likes heavy metal?! Wow to the Fuck yeah he is the real definition of badass!

  • DeathValzer

    I have lived life knowing that this happened! I vote Christopher Lee as Badass of the Year. Fuckin’ awesome.

  • elbastardo1b

    How fucking cool is this !!!

  • Oh. My. God. Must have this!!!!

  • lovezoid

    This just made my goddamn Christmas