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[Boredom Bytes] ‘DayZ’ Spectacular: Ghillie Suit Slenderman, Stalkers, And Psychos!

I’d like to forget about all that War Z nonsense, and what better way to get that game out of our minds than with a special DayZ edition of Boredom Bytes! After the break I’ve collected several of my favorite videos I’ve seen from the game so far, including a poor guy getting chased by a mysterious man in a ghillie suit, another poor guy getting chased by a total psycho, and two more poor guys getting chased by a Pac-Man ghost. They’re all pretty great.

In this video, two guys are hunted by a very obviously unhinged individual. I like to refer to him as the No, No, No killer.

If you haven’t played DayZ, you should know it has trolls aplenty. You die easily, and when your character bites the dust it’s game over. This tenacious troll doesn’t fear death, as he chases another player even as he’s being shot at.

If you scare easily, you should totally watch this. I’d like to introduce you to… Ghillie Suit Slenderman.

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