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Is ‘Scream 5’ The New ‘Ghostbusters 3’?

This is from someone who kind of liked Scream 4… I don’t need a Scream 5. Back in November I wrote up a small piece talking about how incredulous Wes Craven seemed that there would even be sufficient demand for a fifth movie. That was when Craven wrote on Twitter, “No news on ‘Scream 5’ yet. You guys really want another one?

It just seems like there’s no momentum on the project. The other day Collider asked Neve Campbell what she thought about the film’s chances and she answered, “We’ll see. I’m not sure they’re going to make it, to be honest. If that were to come up again and they were to approach me, I’d have a chat with them about it.” This is a polite way of saying she thinks this movie is in no way a priority for Dimension right now, and she’s probably right.

I think this is starting to teeter into Ghostbusters 3 territory, where a core group of people who loved the first installments of a franchise are clamoring for a new one. Of course there are some differences here (it’s been 2 years since Scream 4, not 20). But I feel like both franchises have, for different reasons, been irretrievably sucked into the vortex of diminishing returns. Too many people need Scream 5 to be too many different things. A reboot? A straight sequel? Do they kill the original cast? Do they make it found footage? There are almost too many options and with this many cooks in the kitchen it’s impossible to come up with a unifying take. Remember how Scream 4 didn’t really focus on an angle? It would just bring up a new thesis, drop it and then pick up another one? It would take a miracle to keep Scream 5 from exacerbating that issue.

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Look at the Ghostbusters 3 they’re about to make. The characters are written to be too fat to get into their clothes. Egon is blind in one eye. It sounds horribly depressing. And “passing the torch” to “give it new energy” is just pablum, the reality is that these brands are far too valuable for anything creative to actually happen with them – even with a new cast. And Scream 4 started to head into that territory. This was a movie in which Dewey was neither shot nor stabbed but beaten with a bedpan. I’d be praying for a new movie that comes out of left field and surprises me, like Scream did (and like Ghostbusters would have if I could remember seeing it in theaters).

Do you really want Scream 5? Or do you just want something that recaptures the energy of the first Scream? Because I can promise you that those two things are not the same movie.



  • crane


  • Kroork

    I want scream 5 so bad!

  • FrenchFryGuy

    Yeah, I really want Scream 5. Deal with it. I don’t want a crappy wannabe Scream 5 instead, which is what we’d get (think Texas Chainsaw 3D). I’d rather have the real thing. Besides, the fourth one was supposed to be the start of a new trilogy that would conclude with Scream 6.

    Scream 4 didn’t happen until 10 years after Scream 3, and there’s no reason why Scream 5 has to happen in the next year or two so let them take some time, free up the right people both in front of and behind the camera, Kevin Williams most importantly, and let them make it when they’re ready.

    You can feel however you want about sequels, but in this day and age where studios are far to ready to pull the ripcord on established franchises and start over to horrible results (think Nightmare on Elm Street/Friday the 13th etc.) I actually want long standing franchises to move forward with sequels and applaud studios who have the balls to do so (bonus points for actually keeping the sequel number in the films title) rather than reboot, do a prequel or abandon all together for a carbon copy under a different title. I mean honestly, would Friday the 13th Part 11 been any worse than the generic remake? Throw Kane Hodder back behind the mask and i’d be willing to bet scratch that no it wouldn’t. It probably would’ve been better. As would simply continuing the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise with the man who actually is Freddy Robert Englund instead of midget Jackie. Same thing will be true of Hellraiser when that finally gets sorted out. It won’t work because Doug Bradley won’t be playing pinhead and he probably won’t even resemble pinhead when it materializes. Don’t even get me started on how Halloween should just disavow all knowledge of Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Hobo Myers for a return to our favorite NO SPEAKING killer mime. End Rant.

    • FrenchFryGuy

      Sorry, I left of the “ON” on Williamson in my feverish typing.

    • anezka

      I could not agree more with you

  • undertaker78

    Not only do I want Scream 5, I need a Scream 5.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    im a glutton for sequal punishment so yes haha. in my opinion, they tried to do too much in scream 4. it’s like they crammed every single idea they had into one fast paced movie. i don’t even recall the main characters being in more then a couple scenes each. and the comedy was poorly timed. don’t get me wrong though, i thought the movie was ok. i feel that the scream series still has the formula to make good sequals but they need better ideas. one of the things i think they need to do is break away from the “rules” at least a little bit. and unfortunately, possibly kill off a main character to keep it fresh and so that people will start to get the idea that the main characters are still in actual danger haha. it would probably be best if they did this in the opening scene to set the tone for the rest of the movie. they should utalize all the technology we have today to keep things modern. they kinda did it with scream 4 but not a whole lot. all while sticking to the basic formula.

  • anezka

    I loved Scream 4. For me, it was the best movie in the franchise after the first one. Sometimes I almost thought I was watching a good Scary Movie instead and it’s cool because Scream has never been made to be taken seriously.
    The point is, I will be in theaters if they release a Scream 5. But I think they should only release it, if they can make a good quality film. The series is far too important to release new movies only with money intentions. If they think they can make it, go ahead. But, they cannot kill the original characters. I would hate even the best movie ever, if they did so.
    I still hope they can find new and original ideas to apply in this old Scream formula that we already love. Something fresh and new like Scream? We had The Cabin in the Woods… I want the old and nice Ghostface! =)

  • Slasher_Lover23

    I would absolutely love and need a Scream 5. Part of it is because I really want to know if Kirby survived or not, and I really think she did. As far as the story, I can see it being about a new Ghostface killer (totally unrelated to Sidney, but a part of the cast) who is trying to is obsessed with the Ghostface killings and decides to take on the identity him/herself and starts killing their friends/foes, but mainly trying to finish off the main trio (and Kirby if she did survive).

    • EvanDickson

      Is there a question that Kirby died? I feel like it was certain she did.

      • djblack1313

        EVAN DO NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER SAY/IMPLY MY/OUR BELOVED KIRBY DIED!!!!!!!!!! (just kidding! LOL). but i definitely agree w/ Slasher_Lover23 (& everyone here). i’d like a SCREAM 5 as well and YES Evan, there’s no reason why Kirby (who we only really saw DYING/bleeding out…which means we didn’t actually see her die!!), who was easily one of the best characters (Hayden rules!) this franchise has ever had, couldn’t be alive/saved. Neve’s Sydney was my favorite character but Hayden’s Kirby was a very close 2nd.

        • EvanDickson

          @djblack1313 Kirby was my favorite character in 4 by far, I would be fine if she lived.

          But, in all honesty, how do you see that the 5th one could be good? It’s possible, but the odds aren’t in its favor. The fact that the 4th one failed financially doesn’t really encourage them to take risks.

          • djblack1313

            Evan, tbh, i could take or leave a SCREAM 5. if they made it and it looked decent (if not great) then i’d go. if they don’t i’m not upset by that. i DO enjoy this franchise but it’s not one i go GA GA over. 🙂

          • itsnickkarcher

            Well, if they didn’t throw 40 million at a movie that needed 15-20 mil. the final box office gross wouldn’t have looked half as bad. It would look a lot better if we could say S4 cost 15 million to make and it grossed 100 million worldwide but they gave it too big a budget that it didn’t need. You can’t tell the film cost 40 million to make, it looks just as good as Scream 1 and 2 does VS their 16 & 20 million budgets.
            The franchise was also away for 10 years, nobody should’ve expected it to gross as much as the first three.

            Anyway, I’d love a Scream 5. I’m a huge fan of the whole franchise, but I’d only like them to do it with Kevin’s idea and Craven’s direction. No re-writes. Just a final script that won’t be changed during the shoot.

            Dimension should get on it rather soon though and not take a huge break between 4 and 5.

        • Aaron Emery


      • Slasher_Lover23

        Well, I think there’s a strong possibility she survived because she was still alive when we last saw her. Plus in the scene where Sid is about to go down in the basement she calls for Kirby and hears a cluttering before Charlie grabs her. Both Charlie and Jill were upstairs at this time. I’m also going by what Wes and Hayden said in the commentary about her fate.

        • djblack1313

          Slasher_Lover, don’t leave me/us hanging here!!! 🙂

          what did Wes & Hayden say about her fate? i never heard the commentary. 🙂

        • anezka

          That’s true. A character is only dead if we SEE them dying on screen. Unless they are the killer…

  • EvanDickson

    Thoughtful replies coming in here, keep ’em coming!

  • Infect

    Been an avid Scream fan since day one. And I actually left Scream 4 feeling surprisingly satisfied, even with keeping my expectations low.
    I say yes to Scream 5. If it’s demanded, why not? The fact that Wes Craven is implying Scream fans might even have that power, despite weaker box office numbers from 4, shows their loyalty to the fans.
    To non-fans of Scream sequels, I think it’s already passed the “Scream 1/2 were great, the rest sucked” phase, so I don’t see what’s wrong with pleasing the loyal fans; the original Scream will always stand the test of time…sequels or not.

    It feels like a party down the street-you don’t like who’s throwing the party. Sure you know a couple of friends going, and you can occasionally hear the noise of it all, but you don’t have to go. And you don’t have to be the person to crash the party.

    • djblack1313


      “It feels like a party down the street-you don’t like who’s throwing the party. Sure you know a couple of friends going, and you can occasionally hear the noise of it all, but you don’t have to go. And you don’t have to be the person to crash the party.”

      VERY VERY VERY well said!

  • scorpiokorea

    i would love a scream 5, the thing is that they need to ramp up the suspense/scares and kill the people in more inventive ways. even though i love scream 4 the kills and scares where some what repetitive. also i would love to know more of the other characters and there back round. we found out a lot about sidney in the other films.

  • Aaron Emery

    I enjoyed SCREAM 4 for the most part but it kind of felt like a joke. It didn’t have the feel of SCREAM or SCREAM 2, hell even SCREAM 3 had some decent suspence & chase scenes. The first three had me looking forward to the opening sequences, Drew’s death in the original felt like such a shock at the time. Nobody was expecting a big actress like her to die in the first ten minutes and it was one of the best chase/ stalker scenes in a long time, still not much has matched it. The fake outs at the beginning of 4 drove me a little insane, I was expecting something intense after a ten year break but that’s not what I got. What I got was an opening sequence/ movie that just made fun of itself; the references were too in-your-face and not as clever as the first one and felt forced. I don’t know where I’m going with this, I guess I liked it as a standalone movie more than a sequel. I would like to see a SCREAM 5 if it were done right, but I’m not sure that would ever happen.

  • OnEDGE

    I’m actually surprised by all the enthusiastic responses FOR a fifth installment. 16 years later *gulp* I am still proud to call SCREAM my favorite movie. SCREAM 2 was a flawed but fitting evolution to the franchise, SCREAM 3 had ideas but lost its charm and despite enjoying it overall – and thinking it would’ve made a much better conclusion to the trilogy – SCREAM 4 was a mess for the ADD set, a parody of itself and practically imploded on its metaness.

    #5 would have to be some monumental overhaul for me to care but considering Wes and the cast were so adamant about not doing anymore after #3 unless the material were stellar and that was so not the case with #4, I have no confidence… and for chrissakes, leave Sidney alone! Create a Ghostface who is smart enough NOT to tangle with her, who wants to create a new legend and stand on his/her own merits without riding the coattails of Sidney. Hell, there’s even another joke for ya: Killer reveals he wasn’t about to tussle with her because that bitch is clearly not human… or something actually funny.

    I just don’t want it run into the ground and made a huge embarrassment. SCREAM 4 did not pull in the numbers for reasons and it seems a revamp in ideas and execution (not necessarily a franchise reboot) is a must and the only option for another generation to care.

  • Baphomitt

    <- die hard fan of scream franchise, but I'm SO tired of watching the same movie over and over: Sidney shows up, disposable characters start dying, Dewey fumbles around as comic relief, Sidney shows us how empowered she is, the killer turns out to be someone who really hates Sidney. …And surprise surprise, box office returns plummet because not as many people want to go back to the theater to watch a movie theyve already seen multiple times — NOW; 1. wipe all of that off the board, 2. teens dont talk on phones anymore, but find some way to keep ghostface's voice 3. completely new cast with characters that are developed REALLY well, so no one knows what to expect but cares enough to be afraid for them so it can actually be 4. SCARY 5. with moments of intelligent wit to relieve the tension (NOT clever jokes for the sake of being funny) 6. cameos to keep the story in the same universe 7. mean-spirited IS the spirit of the original Scream, bring that back! 8. in case this was missed earlier, leave out the campiness! 9. it has to be dangerous (remember the uproar with the MPAA over the rating of the original? That's the same electricity that made everyone want to see it) 10. the settings so far have been high school / suburbs, college, city, suburbs… where to next? 11. Angle: what if ghostface had become a myth by this point? Sure there were killings somewhere on the news about someone with a ghostface mask killing people, but how much is anyone watching the news somewhere else really affected by it? What if you started noticing someone in a ghostface costume following you? What if your friends started turning up dead? 12. Motive / Twist: What if we never found out why? What if the killer got away? What if EVERYONE died?

  • TwistedCritic

    I don’t think it’s fair to apply the “diminishing returns” idea to Ghostbusters when there’s only been two movies. Of course the sequel wasn’t as good but parts of it were still very enjoyable, and fans had every reason to have faith in a third installment. Scream had a trilogy plus a years-later sequel that functioned more like an epilogue, and as much as I liked it it’s probably best to leave it there.

  • Zombie-Killa

    It’s funny you mention Scream 5 and Ghostbusters 3 in the same write-up, because I could care less about both potential (not gonna believe anything for GB 3 until I see an actual trailer) films.

    I LOVED Scream 4, and I can remember a friend telling me one thing I’ll never forget after we walked out of the theater: “damn, that was awesome! If Scream has to end after this I’m okay with it. I really am.” I share those feelings. Scream 4 was an unexpected home run for me, and I really don’t need to see another film, ever. Think about it, do we REALLY want to take a chance on Scream 5 turning into the next Halloween Resurrection, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation, or those shitty straight-to-video Hellraiser films? Sometimes you just have to know when it’s time to pull the plug, because franchises/film series usually peak or plateau after the first two or three films.

    As far as Ghostbusters 3 goes…I just don’t care anymore. All the waiting, the delays, and the Bill Murray drama just killed any interest I had for #3. It’s weird, because I was watching part II last night, and unlike a lot of Ghostbuster fans I actually enjoy that film. It was a respectable follow up for me, and I really don’t need to see another film.

    • anezka

      What I think is that, according to the “remake tone” they gave to Scream 4, it will need two more entries to finish the series, because they are remaking now.
      But I agree that it is overly dangerous to have a bad movie in the end, even more after the lovely Scream 4. But I do think that, if they can make a good story, why not?

      • Zombie-Killa

        I understand where you’re coming from anezka. And hey, if Scream 5 happens, I’ll keep an open mind for the best. I’m just don’t want Scream to devolve into a series of shitty sequels. Shitty sequels that were made for the sole purpose of cashing-in on the Scream name for another quick buck.

  • Screamz

    I loves me some “Scream” and thought that “Scream 4” though flawed – like all of the sequels – was damn good. The ending needed a lot of work – I really didn’t need a “Black X-Mas” ending again.

    As for a “Scream 5” I’m really torn. The fanboy in me would love another and another and another. Just think about life without 12 “Friday the 13th”‘s. However, the non-fanboy (whatever you want to call it) would like to see a franchise end on a high-note.

    I guess what I’m saying is, if they make a fifth movie, great, I’ll see it. If not, I’m just fine with that…

    Oh yeah, I’m done with anything “Ghostbusters III” until it’s actually finished and playing in theaters…

  • Samhain2010

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the last one, but it did make nearly $100 million. None of the major actors are too busy. They can pop out a fun sequel for like $25 million and have it ready by the end of 2013. I say go for it! There are at least two good sequels left in this franchise and then they can start going straight to video.

  • anezka

    Lots of people commenting about changing cast. Seriously, if Ghostface is not trying to kill Sidney, it is not gonna be Ghostface! They made 4 films with this idea, they can’t change it now. Even if she is not the “main victim”, she has to be chased (and never killed, because she is Michael f***ing Myers!). The main trio are the spirit of Scream! I would be the most disappointed person ever if I was going to watch a Scream film without these 3 characters. If this is the idea, they better not make a 5th film…

    • True that, true that. Sidney, Gale and Dewey are f***ing invincible. They have waaaaayy more lives than a cat has.

  • Jclown

    I Want there to be a Scream 5 So badly

  • Jclown

    I don’t care want anyone says all of the Scream movies are great and always will be.

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    The first one will always be my favorite, Scream 2 is pretty good, didn’t care for Scream 3, and I thought Scream 4 was pretty solid, other than dragging a bit in the middle. I’d welcome a Scream 5. Being that it’s Craven, maybe they’ll go all New Nightmare and the first 4 Screams are just movies. Neve, Courtney and David all play themselves and a “real life” psycho throws on the Ghostface getup and tries to make a “real life” Scream. Then, at the end, the killer is revealed to be…Lindsay Lohan!!! She’s trying to revive her career by surviving a slasher movie massacre like the killers in Scream 4! LOL!

  • Ashedmaniac

    If they do it, Scream 5 has to be brutal and unpredictable without feeling detached from the original. Scream 3 and 4, while having their moments, both felt like they were content with spinning their wheels in the “Scream formula.” They need to take purposeful risks like possibly killing a main character or two from the series (not for no reason, however – it must suit the story and propel action forward). They also need to establish a sense of their own “real world” and THEN compare and contrast themselves with horror cliches – with 3 starting in Hollywood and 4 having a funhouse mirror opening (and both films, once they show you the first person, feeling like it’s inevitable that that person’s going to die), it undercut any potential tension with a heavy reminder of, “This isn’t real.”

    If they do all of that and manage to have something to say about society and later sequels or something, the film can work and should be made. But this isn’t one of those situations where an enthusiastic greenlight (with a release date) should somehow come before a completed script.

  • Ebenezer

    I actually liked “Scream 4” but I can’t say I want, or need, a “Scream 5”. Feels like Craven can come up with something new and leave the Scream-movies behind while they’re still.. enjoyable.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    To reiterate my previous statement
    “and unfortunately, possibly kill off a main character to keep it fresh and so that people will start to get the idea that the main characters are still in actual danger haha”

    i’d like to point out what happened in Scream 2 when they killed off randy (who was my favorite character). after that happened it seemed the film got a little darker and more suspenseful giving you the sense that anyone could possibly be next since randy was a main character. like with gail and dewey watching the tapes inside the empty college and that whole scene – had me on the edge of my seat. definitely a stand out scene for me. and when sidney and her friend were in that car wreck with the cops.

  • Dave_Is_Ghost

    Yes! I want Scream 5!

    But, they need to bring back some awesome chase scenes like Gale’s chase through the recording studio in Scream 2, and some awesome suspense scenes like the whole car scene in Scream 2.

    Scream 4 was a lot of fun, but I feel that with the right story and with a little more horror… Scream 5 could be amazing.

  • Primeus

    What made Scream 1 & 2 great is because they killed people you never thought they would. When Randy got killed in Scream 2 I was shocked. I didn’t see that coming at all.

    I liked Scream 3 because I felt they fully developed the Sidney character. She wasn’t weak but truly ready to face the thing she was afraid of the most, and I thought the fight scene in scream 3 at the end was the best in the series.

    Scream 4 I didn’t hate but I didn’t like it either. Kirby was the best character, and had the best scene in the movie when she starts just spitting out tons of horror movies to answer Ghostface question lol.

    What killed Scream 4 was the ending. I felt cheated..

    If they are going to do a Scream 5 some main characters have got to die. They need to hand the franchise over to young blood.

    I mean the Halloween franchise allowed Michael to finally kill Laurie Strode.

  • Horrorlover1107

    SCREAM 5 is not needed, there is really no more story line unless you accuse Gail Weathers of being the killer the whole time. SCREAM 4 was just not as appealing as the first three, I expected a major twist, not some no name cousin having mommy daughter issues.

  • Incinerated

    I loved Scream 4! I even think it’s debatable which is best, the original or 4? But Scream 5 is such an odd idea to me that I was surprised when I saw Craven even mention it and am just as surprised that this article cites media still asking questions about Scream 5.

    Scream is not the F13th, NOES, Hellraiser, or TCM series. Scream movies have razor sharp wit. Keep pushing the series and we could end up with something that resembles one of the many 90s teen horrors that followed Scream where the only wit present would be cheese wit. It would definitely be razor sharp; like a cheddar.

    I may trust a 5th if Williamson was behind it, but looking at 4 I have no reason to believe he has more genius to offer here. If Scream 4 wasn’t written with the parody of reboots in play, I would say maybe the series has somewhere to go. As it is, it feels pretty final to me. “Don’t f*** with the original.”

  • Horror_Movie_Nut

    Hell yes i’d LOVE a Scream 5! The Scream franchise is one of my favourite horror franchises there is & why would anyone want to turn down the chance of an amazing new film to become part of this beloved franchise! Ok sure they could miss the mark & it be a disappointment but i’d still rather risk that & have a new film cause i’d love to see a new film with the GORIEST ghost face yet! 😀

  • StevenHarvey1990

    “There are almost too many options and with this many cooks in the kitchen it’s impossible to come up with a unifying take.”

    I agree to an extent Evan, but on the contrary this is suggestive that the franchise has A LOT of life left in it. There are so many fresh innovative things that can still be accomplished with a Scream 5 or 6.

    Add to that, Ghostface is as iconic as Jason, Michael and Freddy at this point, he can’t go away any time soon. I just hope they don’t go the reboot route too soon. Not that I ever want a reboot, though it is inevitable some way down the road. I just feel there are a few sequels left in the franchise yet.

    I think the biggest hindrance to Scream 4 was actually the location it was filmed… by not filming in the original town the nostalgia factor was completely eliminated making the whole ‘Return to Woodsboro’ theme redundant. Just imagine the finale self-mutilation scene talking place at Stu Machers house as is was originally Kevin’s plan? The other reason was simply the Weinsteins incessant interfering with the script.

    If Scream 5 were to get the green-light it just needs to be handled better and I’m sure it can be a success, and that’s not to say Scream 4 didn’t do well… $100m at the Box Office for a Horror film (especially a Slasher at the moment) is a million miles from poor.

  • cravenscream

    Not only do I want Scream 5(Kirby)… I need Scream 5(Kirby)!

  • DeadInHell

    I really liked Scream 4, it was clearly superior to 3 and at least equal to 2. And more importantly, it was just so much better than most modern horror films. It stands especially alone when you’re talking about modern slasher films.

    I didn’t really expect much from Scream 4, but it won me over. I wish there were more quality slasher movies being made these days. It was refreshing to have a real writer and director behind something with an actual budget, when it seems like 99% of the horror market is zero budget direct to video brainless trash. Scream 4 was a well made, well written, beautifully shot horror film that was funnier and more satisfying than anything in the slasher genre has been in years. If Scream 5 were to happen with Kevin Williamson and Wes Craven behind it, I would be a very happy dude.

  • ApparatusUnearth

    Scream 4 really surpassed any hopes I had, I figured it would just be another Scream movie but it was pretty original and I dug it a lot.

  • Garrett

    The Scream franchise is untouchable in my opinion. Each installment has its quirks and I love them for that reason. Yes, there are cons to each of the films, but in a way, that’s also a part of their appeal.

    That being said, Scream 4 was everything it should have been. Could the comedy have been toned down? Of course. Was the ending hospital scene utterly ridiculous? Absolutely.

    But the reason that this film did not do well was because they did not do anything that should have been done to CONTINUE the franchise. Now, I would love for Scream 5 & Scream 6 to be released, but Craven and the Weinsteins were idiotic for thinking they could have kept all the original main cast without any consequences. Yes, there are long time Scream fans out there that are die hard for the core trio (Sidney, Dewey, Gale), but what they forgot about was the new audience for this generation. The innovation of technology was not the way to connect with the younger crowd.

    Here’s my interpretation–Emma Roberts ends up getting her way and offing Sidney. Dewey & Gale live in the end right by their “new Sidney”. Only she’s a killer–a famous one at that. The next film, Scream 5, would bring in a new killer stalking Emma Roberts and her new airhead rich famous friends. To me, that is what Scream is about. IRONY. A serial killer, once a villain, now being stalked by a new serial killer and made to be a victim. That would have made a connection with the younger crowd in a twisted way only Scream could have done. It would have sparked something inside of fans to think “wow, these writers are serious about starting a new franchise. I like that.” Instead, they went the boring, safe route & kept the original cast. Now, here we are.

    And on top of that, the advertising before the film’s release was pathetic as well. With these two aspects that I noticed…they set themselves up for disaster, no profit, and no new trilogy. Just a film that would was satisfying, but exactly what it was 10 years ago.

  • Boss-Ski-Mask

    I’d kill for a Scream 5!

    I wouldn’t mind seeing them surprise us by wiping out the old cast and bringing in a new one, and then starting the sequels all over again. Bring it on!

  • Boss-Ski-Mask

    Also, everything Garrett said.

  • FreddyFreak1991

    There doesn’t Need to be YET ANOTHER Scream. I remember watching the first one in… Well I don’t remember but It was the FIRST Horror movie I ever saw and I was in Elementary school. I Admit it was scary as all hell to me back then. If the public really demands more of a guy in a ghost mask killing people… Can we just Re-Make the first one. I mean I’m pretty sure horror graphics and Movie effects have improved Highly since it’s First run…. That’s just me though…

  • livingdeadgirlEDF

    Please no more screams…it gets old and predictable real quick

  • joesey

    Yes, there should be another Scream movie especially since there’s not much good horror out there and Scream 4 was a blast. They can retire one or two original characters and start a whole new cast which is what I thought was going to happen in 4 but then they decided to kill off all the new characters. But they can always bring back Kerby or Robbie along with the new deputy—or something.

  • lovezoid

    I would’ve liked the Scream series to keep on the satirical path rather than just sort of become another slasher series. Like, it would be cool if the sequels were to slasher sequels what the first ‘Scream’ was to slasher conventions. Exploring the way that sequels get more and more far-fetched, deal with killers getting resurrected, introduce a psychic character, but keep it in that ‘wink, wink’ tone. I think that would’ve been a great path to go down. As it is, I don’t remember any of the Scream sequels, so while I would inevitably watch a number 5, I doubt it would mean much. I just watch everything in this genre.

    • joesey

      so you want the SCREAM franchise to be like the Scary Movie franchise??? Give me a break.

  • joesey

    If they can make another shitty Paranormal Activity they can make Scream 5.

  • romeostruedude

    I would LOVE a SCREAM 5. BUT ONLY IF IT IS AS SCARY AS SCREAM 1. I am tired of it trying to be funny. Leave comedy to the SCARY MOVIES series. I want something “shocking”! All the deaths felt way to “safe”! Let’s have a gore-ish Scream 5! New town closeby Woodsboro. New cast members who are NOT connected to the original trio in any way. And possibly learn that there is a group of “screamers” who are wanting to expose secrets of those with dark pasts in the school and murders them in some horrific way. Like how PRETTY LITTLE LIARS has a team of “A”s who are tackling the liars. We need a villain who stays as a villain. Who doesn’t get revealed at all to the main characters but remains to be viewed as innocent. For a twist and for room in a sequel.

    • anezka

      I kinda have the feeling you want a new film, with a completely original story, and not a new Scream.

  • anezka

    Scream is a very different slasher film in the way it is connected to its sequels. In pretty much all other major slashers, the common denominator is the killer (Jason, Freddy, Leatherface, Michael Myers…), while in Scream, the common aspect is the victim.
    What I mean is that, if you have a Scream 5 with a completely new cast, it is not gonna be related in any way with the previous Screams. It is gonna be a new film, with a new killer and new victims and, then, in my opinion, it will work better if they release under a totally different title and start a new franchise.
    It is not the mask which gives Scream’s spirit, but the fact that people who uses it have something in common: the desire to kill Sidney.

  • Lee-Loo

    As long as its as good as the first.

  • stevenwjess

    It pains me to have to say this, but it’s a hard NO for “Scream 5”. I seen “Scream” when I was 5, back in early 1997, and it done an amazing job in scaring me. As did the trilogy. Here is my thought – “Scream” was a perfect horror trilogy, and it played an important part in reviving the horror franchise. Then other crappy slasher movies tried to but sort of failed in trying to level with Screams originality. As much as I wanted to see the cast together in another Scream movie, and was excited for the 4th, my views went ass over elbow. The impression I got from “Scream 4” was that it was made by popular demand. I just didn’t get that buzz I got from the original trilogy. Two high school teens, wanting to gain popularity by filming murders, copying the original killers, only taking inspiration from the “Stab” movies. My point is, it wasn’t really needed, I was happy with the trilogy… but here is were it messed up – the ending. The ending of the movie left an open door, and I hate movies with open doors, especially if there is no intention of a sequel. If I would want a ” Scream 5″ to be made, it HAS to step up what was done in the 4th instalment, and end with a bang. The other thing that bugged me about the 4th movie, was that it was aimed at a newer younger target audience, and there was nothing, other than the characters, that reached the target audience from the original trilogy. I was happy to see the original cast, and the Kev and Wes were part of the movie, but like I said, it seemed to be made for popular demand, and it put a kink in the trilogy.

    – Stevie, out!

  • VictorCrowley

    Surprised the responses are pretty much lopsided in favor of Scream 5 rather than against it as I expected.

    I enjoyed Scream 4 and would see a part 5.

  • SuperKilla

    Scream 4 was the best sequel. I’m could dig a part 5.

  • erikknudsen

    Scream 5 is kind of necessary because of the open ending, wide open, like the door is completely open. So many plotholes, ugh…

  • Sicko-Warden

    If Scream 5 hopes to impress, then Sidney needs to die. In the first 10 minutes. And Ghostface needs to die in the first 20. Then we open the door for something unexpected. As long as they don’t do something after the fashion of Wes Craven’s New Nightmare or introduce something supernatural á la Halloween – they’ll have room to maneuver. But Sidney desperately needs to die. The last three films have been a prolonged ‘run up the stairs.’

  • I would very much love a Scream 5. Just as long as the don’t go found-footage with it. There are too many movies out like that now, and it’s really annoying. And I would preferably like the 3 main cast members to stay in the franchise until it ends, don’t be like Scary Movie 5 without Anna Faris or that black chick.

  • Marty McFly

    *shrug* Either way it’s going to come down to whether or not the suit wearing bastard executives feel like churning out another half assed movie to make a few bucks. Scream 1 was fucking amazing; the perfect slasher movie, I hold it responsible for getting me into horror. Scream 2 was a great sequel. Lived up to the hype and still felt fresh. Scream 3 was kind bogus, felt too comedic, and the whole half brother bullshit from out of left field was dumb. Scream 4 was.. well, it was pretty good I guess. The opening was funny, but I wish it went with a more serious/scary tone instead, kind of like Scream 1… Do we need another one? If Kevin Williamson writes the entire draft, no Ehren Krueger taking over like he did in part 3. (I think he did drafts of part 4 too didn’t he?) If Wes Craven comes back to direct, and Neve Campbell is killed off. I love her to death but be how many times can she live through the same shit over and over? We need some kind of huge impact scene like her being killed off.(similar to Randy dying in Scream 2) Either way I am sure I will be at the theaters opening weekend for it, as I was for all four of the previous movies…

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