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Get Ready, ‘Siren’ Is Coming To PSN Next Week

Siren scared the hell out of me back in 2004. It was terrifying. Even its gimmick, Sightjack, which gave you the ability to hijack the eyes of nearby enemies so you could see the surrounding area, was designed to terrify you. I remember hiding behind a wall, thinking I’m safe enough to use Sightjack — it leaves you helpless so you have to be our of harm’s way to use it — to see my escape route. As I’m sorting through the various “channels,” I see myself. One of the enemies was in the process of sneaking up on me so he/she/it could do awful, terrible, horrible things to me while I thought I was being clever. I’ll never forget that moment, and if you want memories like that (or if you’d like to relive them!), I highly suggest buying Siren when it releases on PSN as a PS2 Classic on Jan 15.

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